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    New Amp

    It will do in the man cave, with the Heresy speakers. My wife won’t let it in the living room but that’s OK, she lets me buy what I want.
  2. Pondoro

    New Amp

    It needs some cosmetic TLC, I wanted to hear it first. Probably wood all around and a perforated metal face plate. Alternatively I am also looking for a suitable vintage container. The two small knobs are "Hum Balance" and channel balance and will not need easy access. Volume control is a Schiit Vali 2+.
  3. Pondoro

    New Amp

    I have had a set of 1983 Heresy I's for a while, driving them with a Yamaha Home Theatre Receiver, but only listening to music. Got an old Magnavox 185 Amp "basically free" and had it repaired (I would not say "restored.") New capacitors, new resistors only if the resistors measured out of spec, new input and output connections, added a pilot light. Three out of four output tubes measured well and were matched, the repairman found an old tube that matched the other three, so 3/4 may be original (they say Magnavox). The preamp tubes are brand new. Listening to Sinatra and Basie on the Heresy speakers. I am not an expert in audiophile terms, I would say the amp and speakers sound "smooth." If I turn it up too loud the trumpets and trombones distort, but at the levels I like all is good.
  4. 1983 H1's. I replaced the tiny terminal strips with banana plugs and stiffened the back panel with internal ribs. No electrical mods. I use a single KP-250 as a center channel and a non-Klipsch sub. The center channel is used in 3.1 for music that was originally recorded in mono - old jazz and rock. I replaced the grill cloths and bought aftermarket badges because they came without.
  5. I’m very happy with my new Yamaha and it is one of the few makes that is rarely criticized online. So if they look good and you can test them I’d say, “Grab one!”
  6. I showed this picture to my wife. I told her that her huge accumulation of mismatched coffee cups is no longer a problem.
  7. I’ve got one at a repair shop in southern Colorado as we speak but it will be several weeks before I can recommend him. He seems very knowledgeable.
  8. So did you stretch the cloth? or just lay it flat and then place the sprayed board on it? I am about to do this so I am very curious, your result looks great.
  9. Those look great! Did you use spray adhesive on the front of the grill boards or just the back?
  10. Yes I am thinking new post. On my Heresy speakers there was a terminal strip that mounted right to the back of the box. I replaced them with posts mounted right on the board. If your speaker has factory posts there is probably a panel or cup that the posts go through. Also on my Heresy the crossovers were not right up against the board, they were elsewhere. So a warning, a picture of the back of the speaker will lead to a request for pictures of the inside. But I am convinced this can be fixed.
  11. Can you post a picture? It would help. This can absolutely be fixed.
  12. You need non magnetic screw drivers. I don’t think it would be hard to do yourself. I’ll bet YouTube has lessons. If you take a good picture of the before positions you could always go back. edit: I was mistaken, all the instructions require a lot of equipment. I did AM radios by ear but apparently FM is trickier.
  13. So this is very interesting. Lots of people say, “replace the capacitors” but here is actual before and after test results. Thanks!
  14. So it isn’t clear from the page you posted. Did they replace all the caps? The page just talks about cleaning and retensioning the tube sockets. The performance clearly improved, I can’t tell if the caps were changed.
  15. I read the before and after specs, what happened in between?
  16. I've still got my analog NAD Tuner, bought in 1980. Analog dial, analog tuning. Unfortunately the signal strength meter is LED, not analog. But it is pre-auto tune, you can drift off the channel (happens very rarely). It will be part of my system until no FM or AM broadcasts are decipherable by it's old school circuits. But I rarely listen to it. My biggest mistake was letting my AM tube radio go in 2006. I grew up listening to baseball on an old crackling tube radio. It doesn't sound right any other way.
  17. I love all of this except don't hide the casters. Display them proudly. (Vintage-looking ones)
  18. I think laminating large panels is usually done with contact cement rather than PVA, others will probably chime in. Weighting a large panel and keeping it bubble free is difficult, contact cement is easier in that regard.
  19. That Heritage Theater Bar looks amazing. But when I saw the price I thought, “Better to cannibalize a set of Heresy speakers!” If this is his only sound system I would run separate speakers and use the console for storage. If he has a prime system and this is a second system in a different room then I’d try to reuse some Heresy speaker internals. That theater bar seems too expensive when compared to a “real” Heritage two channel system.
  20. I made new grill boards for two old Heresy speakers. They mounted with Velcro, I modified them to magnet mount. It was not hard. The KP-250 grill cover mounts with screws, not sure about the 201, but I'll bet you could figure out a way to make a "pretty" replacement.
  21. Many consoles of that era fired the woofers out the ends. Perhaps you could put a set of Heresy horns in front and fire the woofers out the ends. I'd still draw it ten times trying to get an entire unmodified Heresy in. I truly love that design but dropping a Heresy pair in is the best way to not mess up the sound.
  22. Peter P has some radical but interesting ideas. Do you have larger Heritage speakers in a different room anyway? You are going down a road to some type of compromise - these are worth considering.
  23. I love the look of that, I am a Mid Century Modern nut. Is there no way to scale it up to fit the Heresy's?
  24. I bought a sweet Magnavox console, but not for the sound, I want to put modern stuff in it for my Mid Century Modern man cave. I found out that the amp is actually prized by rebuilders. I have messed with electronics in my day, actually building two low powered tube guitar amps. So I am considering that. I'd probably rather pay a pro to do it if the price was not crazy.
  25. My Heresy's benefited from a 10" 50 watt sub. I don't play a extreme levels though and I don't play electronic music. Old rock and jazz do well with it though, and the subwoofer is very helpful when watching televised auto racing.
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