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Chi-fi / entry level integrated tube amp for Cornwall IVs


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Hi Area 51. First of all, a clear yes to all your questions. Only your question regarding the model R8…I don‘t know this very amp but why not if it is a push-pull. A the end you must see what you like. There may also be some nice solid state amps but in my view the sound differences between different solid state amps might be greater than re tube amps, so whether you like the sound or not. In other words it could become even more difficult to purchase a solid state amp without listening to it before.

Here is a link to the guitar from Bloomfield that Gibson copied in 2009, in the article it is simply called the "59 Standard" or "the Sunburst".



BTW VOS just means "vintage original specification" e.g. that they used old nitro lacquer and other stuff from back then for the Bloomfield Lespaul copy. VOS was the more down-to-earth version. Besides, a more expensive version was offered, it was called "aged". I admit, it is borderline to buy a guitar that became famous through another musician. But "aged" means even more that it has a fake history. Let it be a non „aged“ one which grows old (or even older) with me. 


I didn't know the LP "A long time coming", very cool stuff, thanks for the hint.


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6 hours ago, KT88 said:


I didn't know the LP "A long time coming", very cool stuff, thanks for the hint.

Hey KT! That album is my favorite from The Electric Flag. As I recall, they didn't record many. Prior to that (I think) Bloomfield played and recorded with blues legend, Paul Butterfield. For a while the other guitarist in that group was Elvin Bishop. The stuff Bloomfield recorded with Al Kooper is some pretty special music. I think Kooper's contributions to American music are sometimes overlooked. He knew his friend, Mike was a special talent and I think he wanted to memorialize that talent so we get SuperSession, another one of my favorites. New to me, the album that initiated my re-entry into Bloomfield world is called, "Living In The Fast Lane" and ... *at this point I got tired of taxing my often unreliable memory and jumped over to Wikipedia for some, hopefully more reliable information. Being an old dog trying to learn new tricks this is something I often forget is available to me. (I'm not a Luddite but I can be something of a moron when it comes to technology). I mention this because I had apparently forgotten how much I like his music. That album was the first posthumous release of Bloomfield material. I'm glad I stumbled into it. I like it and it reminded me how much I like all that other stuff he had done. Wikipedia also mentions the VOS guitar. Thanks for the link straightening me out on that account. I had never heard the term. Now I understand your guitar is an actual Gibson Les Paul; the "Vintage Original Specifications" version. I think I agree with you regarding the "fake" "aged" version. 

Amplifiers: what kind of amp do you use with that guitar?

Amplifiers: Thank you. I have determined I will follow your advice and sample at least one push-pull amp while I have the opportunity to "audition" a few. I might as well take advantage of Amazon's generous offer. I'll let you know what we find.

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