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  1. I visited the Klipsch website again today after some time because I wanted to see how the new Heritage Jubilee is presented. Everything is fine from my point of view. Then I also noticed that there is still a family photo with all the Heritage speakers in this section including the Klipschorn but that below that in the presentation of the individual models to click on the Klipschorn is missing. I used the site's search function and it showed me the 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6 (which will only be made 75 times as stated) as the only hit. The history of the Klipschorn including the timeline is housed at the LaScala section. Therefore somehow I got the impression that maybe the Klipschorn is not featured so much anymore? Not to be misunderstood, I don't want to criticize even if my guess was correct. It is certainly also a decision that would not be easy for anyone. But my gut feeling is that there will be many buyers who have the money and the desire for a Heritage Jubilee but not the space for it. To these potential buyers I would continue to offer the Khorn because they simply want the deep full Khorn sound which is different from a Lacala, I mean not worse or better. Of course, if the order books are full for the Jubilee it may also be a capacity challenge in production. Or that the price point is delicate to set in relation to the Jubilee. Well, that's just my humble 2 cents, and maybe it's just the website being rebuilt.
  2. Could it be that recording a live concert is its own special case? I imagine that you record the individual tracks from the mixing console separately. In addition, the atmo of the hall or stadium is recorded. Later, mixing is done in the studio and all individual tracks are positioned on a stereo field. But apart from that, it can also be really stereophonic live. I saw Steeley Dan at the Beacon Theatre in 2015. It was quite honestly good stereo plus venue atmosphere.
  3. A lot depends on the live mix. In the 80s I worked as a stage hand at concerts here in North Rhine-Westphalia during my studies. Dortmund, Cologne, Düsseldorf etc. There were the big shows with even 40 years ago already 60 trucks, Michael Jackson, Prince, Deep Purple, but also smaller venues with Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin etc.. There were also some open air concerts in the stadiums. Some shows delivered very good sound, I think anyway that the sound was better in the past, analog mixed and amplified, but already with Clair Brothers or Turbo Sound speakers. I was during the shows almost always at the mixer as security. It was in most cases a super well mixed stereo image. But rather from left to right. The hall made up the room sound, but there was no 3D staggering and no "stage" in that sense. It is completely different when I listen to a classical violin concert or similar today. In every way you can think of, a reproduction will never be able to reproduce that, especially in an acoustically good hall. I have made the experience that the more live concerts I have experienced, the better the reproduction sounds at home. The memory helps with the simulation. And I play instruments myself in the rehearsal room and home, which also helps me for the hifi listening experience.
  4. I'm not sure I would put much in with your stands. You have a kind of "open frame" stand. I would fill in stands like this one in the picture where you fill a thick column. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
  5. Interesting that you name so many British amps. Congratulations on your purchase, Netscout. I am running my hifi for half a year with used Quad 34 and Quad 306 feeding 1977 LaScalas or Stirling Broadcast LS3/6. I had used these amps new 35 years ago for 10 years, then sold them and after that I listened only tubes for 25 years now, mainly Mcintosh C22CE and MC275 Mk/4. With my "new old" Quad 34/306 bought this year, I have replaced all electrolytic capacitors and I am absolutely amazed how very good it sounds...even compared to the expensive Mcintosh units it is not worlds apart.
  6. When the smaller boxes on stands became popular in the UK and Europe in the 90's there were many recommendations. The mainstream in audio magazines recommended sand or shot for about 1/3 of the stand height. Then you should fill it up with kitty litter or not do it at all. The problem with not filling a stand is that the stand can resonate and the treble can sound very grainy. But if someone fills in too much e.g. sand, then it sounds, according to the statements of the time, lifeless and without dynamics as if the soul had been robbed from the music. I would personally try it out with different fill levels. I had at that time "Target" stands that were very heavy and not additionally filled. Today I use with medium-sized LS3/6 speakers stands of the British brand "something solid". They have a thin frame and they are not filled at all because they do not have hollow thick tubes. They also sound very good.
  7. I wonder if, as a center speaker, something modern like a Heresy IV might not also fit the sound profile of the Heritage Jubilees very well. But I don't know about anything other than 2 channel stereo. Does a center speaker need a lot of deep bass? If not, could a Heresy IV give good results for speech and vocals?
  8. Audioquest makes reasonable products. I have Audioquest and Kimber speaker cables. All since 20 to 30 years by now. Nothing particularly expensive at that time but ok and it sounds to my satisfaction. For the Jubilees I have Kimber 8TC for bass and 4TC for K402. At that time it was really few euros, today 2x5 meter 8TC cost more than 900 euros. That is crazy. But I do not need special power cables?
  9. Paul McGowan uses a simple trick. He elevates a competitor's product above his own power cable. But he earns much more money if he can sell his fat power generator boxes. A competitor's power cable can then be stuck in there with pleasure. By the way, this video by Paul McGowan serves to create more establishment for the whole category of power cables and power supply boxes via an emotional detour. The sense and nonsense of this category is not questioned in this way but ennobled. Products are being compared. Paul feigns great honesty by praising the competitive product. But...in this way the category is given meaning it does not have. It is all together a good example of the opposite of Paul Wilbur Klipsch. BTW Amir also tested Paul McGowan's magic power boxes.
  10. Sorry but if another poster deletes what he has posted then makes my reaction on his post no sense at all anymore. Therefore I will show the link to a Paul McGovern youtube video which was posted here before. I don't know with what intention the video was initially linked...as an example of the sincerity of the market players in the audio industry or as an example of BS. Well that's for everyone to choose for themselves. I also personally do not mind people like Paul McGowan, and if he has his fans, why not. Best is from minute 21:00 on…a laugh.
  11. Sorry, is the existence of this offer proof that it makes sense to have such products? It is exactly these products that people buy to boost their ego, status or imagined "sound improvements". PWK would never have participated here but earned his money fairly and seriously. I have nothing against sensible and reasonable cables, but you don't have to make money with BS even if you could. It is also a question of honest self-understanding. Besides, such products are stupid fashion appearances. In 10 years, another nonsense will be sold. But Klipsch wants to sell reasonable and honest products for many decades to come.
  12. everyone should do what he wants. If expensive cables sell, why not. Speaking of prices, the Heritage Jubilee offer real! Value for $36K. I know how much development work went into it and also what kind of quality is built. Is it just as good a value for money here below? I don't think so.
  13. What would PWK have said to $1000 power cords? Or to $1000 capacitors? All things for which pseudo-scientific advertising nonsense is written today.
  14. It is a pity that I never got to know PWK personally. But from all his writings (which I like so much because of their evidence) and the few videos that exist, I recognize a man of very strong principles and a very special clarity and sincerity. So in other words, the absolute opposite of a swaggering, foamy-eyed blatherer of which there is unfortunately so much today, especially in the audio scene.
  15. I have Underground Jubilees and 1977 Lascalas. The difference is that the Jubilees beam me into the recording as if I were a part of it but the Lascalas make the sound merge with my listening room. Both have their own great appeal and yet they are so different.
  16. Thank you for the chart. It clearly shows that it is not about the ESR at the frequencies where the cap should filter. It is about the difference of the ESR in the low frequency range where we "actually do not" need this cap, and there a change from Mylar to PP can mess up a lot and change the impedance of the entire crossover unfavorably. In addition, amplified effects due to the high efficiency of the Heritage speakers.
  17. For a record of a classical concert, the violins should come out of the left speaker. If they come out of the right speaker I would swap the speakers in the room🙄
  18. TBH for someone with little basic knowledge it shouldn't be too hard to make the repair. The first thing I would do is check the fuses, you can do that too.The second thing I think is that the symptoms fit a broken little electrolyte cap that doesn't want to anymore. Most of the time they scratch. I had the same phenomenon with an old Revox A77 tape recorder when the meter hands trembled due to static crackles.
  19. @Camplo , it was a bit hectic and perhaps not entirely fair on my part. I see that you are still reading along. Feel welcome to discuss here with all the interested people. It would be a pity if because of a heated start a further exchange would not take place. Please tell us which concept your speakers are based on. Feel free to talk about yourself and the plans of your project, even if it is not Klipsch. In this way everything can become very positive in the sense of a fair cooperation. Tell something about yourself, nothing too private, but where you live, what interests you about audio, maybe even something about your background. You have made promising hints about your professional audio background. It's not like this forum is just for disciples in a cult. No, I know this forum since 2006 and I can say that here is an open and fair exchange of knowledge and experience. And new input from people like you is always welcome. Thank you.
  20. BTW it is already interesting. I have rarely seen such a crazy and in parts destructive thread here. There appears a subtle provocateur, and in addition, two veteran committed forum members who I respect in their own way quite argue. The latter should not cause the two disputants to withdraw in a huff, their engagement is too important for the forum, even if I don't have to agree with everything.
  21. "Measurements on test benches" are completely unsexy. It is much more exciting to attract beautiful girls. LoL At least it was not the first in my case to go to the dyno with the new car...You have slightly neurotically colored ideas.
  22. Thanks, MMurg, I was so curious about the sound so I will listen to the conversation later:)
  23. Thank you Cory for this insightful comparison! I heard no songs in the first half of the video. From minute 29 I could hear the music. Maybe it's a country specific thing because of some rights on the songs and google has to follow that? I have a request for a next wonderful comparison. In this video it is so that exactly then was switched again between the speakers when my hearing had just adapted. Because...I don't want to hear primarily what sounds "different" when switching but what depth of musicality etc. I experience in each case. I have the old Jubilees since 2008 but with TADs. Here in the video with the standard driver for the K402 horn I found the old Jubilees but still very nice sounding, even in the mids at eg the heavy metal guitar sounds. The new Jubilee is an incredibly good speaker. Its strengths in the bass I can not judge because I currently listen to BBC monitors that play anyway only to 40 Hz:) I need to find my headphones...
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