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1953 Single Klipschorn for sale on Ebay


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Thanks @Fast996 for noticing my ad for the 1953 Klipschorn.

She's a beauty for sure!


I got it a little over a year ago....and posted on here, the Klipsch Community about it.

Have quite a few 50s era speakers....  I have a compulsion to buy singles and try to match them up....

Not a good business or sanity model....  :)


But, having looked for a year.....I have found a match that is only 30 days apart in manufacturing....and all Klipsch Codes match.

Even the fabric matches...!  And it is in nice shape also....but have only seen it in pics.


Working on a deal now to acquire it...but more work to do.   It is located 1000 miles away....so working on that also.


I do have a question for anyone knowledgeable about the cabinets.  These are pics of mine.  There looks to be a bead or filler or some sort of build-up that gives the horizontal plywood edge a sort of curved appearance..  The paint is not on just the flat cut edge.  Some sort of edge banding.  Anyone know what that is?









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Thought I'd update this thread.  I haven't posted in a while.....


I did drive to Texas and buy a second Klipschorn.  A 2000 mile RT, for me!  Had to hang out in Houston an extra day to allow hurricane Ida to pass....then headed home to Tampa / St. Pete.  Original fabric is in pretty good shape.


So these are a project.....and will have to be on the back burner for some time.


The first one I bought has a P52 TruSonic woofer and the second has a 103LX TruSonic.  Both are 4 ohm, I believe.  The 103LX has a Red Back.....

I'd kinda like to match up the Red TruSonic and have a pair.  I've seen many woofers in Blue....but not in Red.  Anyone know the difference?


Anyone have one to sell or trade?




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Thanks!  The first one....on the right, has an incredible finish to it.  The second one will need some work.  Some paint loss on the horizontal pieces....and the finish is not nearly as nice.  Will have to figure out what to do.  Maybe talk to a furniture refinisher....about matching the finish.

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