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Open Baffle with a La Scala Bottom


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On 2/18/2022 at 12:32 PM, RaynerGelio said:

Hi folks, good day...

Open Baffle speaker guy here wants to experiment with a La Scala bottom. Quick question, please: For the Eminence Kappa 15C as the woofer, are the 1977 La Scala plans are suitable without modification/adjustment/resizing? Bass bin size? Slot size?


Not sure what you are asking. Can you clarify your question(s)?

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the woofers for a Lascala are the K-33 or k-43  , the Kappa 15C is said to be pretty close


as far as the Lascala bass bin , the better the seal on the woofer access panel , the better the bass bin  will sound


using LS speakers base bins with open baffle speakers , who knows  , edited

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He may have meant using a full range speaker and just using the bass bin for the lows. I have done this but it does require designing and building a crossover network yourself. Mine worked real well but I lost some quickness and detail vs the original drivers. Very pleasant sounding though. Again sound is subjective being that my best friend preferred this setup, full range speaker setup, over my stock speakers in my room. I used Fostex FE166EN's which have been discontinued. Open baffle setup sitting on top of my LaScala's using just the bass bin for the lows. Still have the setup but has not been used in years. 

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As a data point for your experimentation, I'm running stock '80s La Scala industrial bottom bins with humble old Eminence PA woofers from the '70s, T/S parameters unknown, and am unexpectedly getting really nice non-shouty hi-fi sound out of them up to 700hz.  Seems the horns are quite capable of that, which I guess would make sense if the general rule of thumb of 3 octaves useful horn operating range holds true for them.  On the other end, I'm crossing to a sub at 100hz.  La Scala bins are magical.

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