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    Fort Collins, Colorado
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    Truth, grandkids, liberty, music, audio, photography, mechanical design engineering, foodie, canyoneering, travel, and now... fishing!
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    Forte I (x2) walnut lightly modded (rope caulk, recapped, Crites Ti tweet diaphragms).
    KP201 (x2) in road dress (recapped) as spares.
    KG3 center.
    KG1.5 (x2) surrounds.
    KG1.5 (x2) as spares.
    KG2.5 (x2) as spares.
    KG3.5 (x2) as spares.
    RC10 (x1) as spare.
    (I call them collectively "an embarrassment of Klipsches".)
    Handbuilt Dayton-based sub.
    2x TOA 380SE PA mains (3-ways) undergoing conversion to faux Altec/JBL monster monitors a la Kenrick (hopefully).
    2x Mitchell PA mains (3-ways) with INCREDIBLE fiberglass radial mid-horns (a la Community SRH90) and University ID40 alnico comp drivers... biamped and eq'd via iNukes to achieve stunning realism!
    Coming soon... B&C-based 18" sub to support the amazing Mitchells up in my man-loft.

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  1. Well, apparently so. I'm guessing that most pro-sound and DJ forums would react with more surprise and disbelief/disdain, enamored as they are of the newer high-end pro gear. I have had some good experiences before with "lowly" drivers devoid of pro pretensions such as large diameter edge-wound voice coils, cast baskets, etc., so I shouldn't be too surprised, I suppose. There's also the famous Julian Hirsch review of the original Fortes where he finds essentially the same mid and tweet to be extremely rugged. It kind of takes the wind out of the current rhetoric about how much speaker technology has advanced in the ensuing decades. It would be interesting to compare the KP201s head-to-head against modern internally amplified "speakers-on-sticks" in terms of sound quality and maximum output level---but I think I'll spend my time enjoying what I have. ;->
  2. I have owned a pair of KP201s in road livery for several years, and have used them mostly as HT mains and for boombox duty for outdoor volleyball with a little class D PC board amp and SLA battery. Recently a friend asked me to provide an amp and speakers for an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception dance, and not wanting to transport my big multiamped DIY system, the KP201s seemed the most suitable candidates for FOH duty along with an 18" B&C sub and a couple of Behringer iNuke 1000s. My expectations for the setup were limited given the difficulty of getting high SPL outdoors, but I thought I would get by if I didn't push too hard. I set up the dance system against an exterior wall, and crossed to the sub at 150hz to limit bass content to the KPs. Long story shortened (a bit), the sound was phenomenal! Clear and musical without a hint of strain at disco/rave SPL levels to about 50 feet out from the system. The audience were thrilled and the dance floor was full and lively all evening long. I really had no idea the KPs were capable of this level of high SPL performance, especially the mid and high drivers running wide open. I kept telling those many who complimented the sound that they should come over and hear my GOOD speakers. ;-> Call me very impressed indeed, considering that I was using what are in essence home stereo speakers costumed as PA.
  3. https://cosprings.craigslist.org/ele/d/colorado-springs-concert-hall-speakers/6927894952.html These look pretty rough in the photos. I'd be making the drive myself, cash-in-hand, if I didn't already have an "embarrasment of Klipsches" and other project speakers to feed and water. Happy hunting! -Don
  4. Guttenberg just did it again on his Audiophiliac channel. His post yesterday was a comparison of HIIIs and some B&Ws. He started by complimenting the B&Ws for the many areas in which they bested the Heresies, but then turned the tables by praising the Heresies' dynamics to the skies and passionately declaring his love for them... not another glance at the B&Ws. Probably a paradigm shift long in the making, as it is finally sinking in that it is okay to have---and acknowledge---a visceral rather than a merely analytical response to reproduced music. Klipsches, in my experience, more often than not enable both. The brilliant gourmet dinner scene from Babette's Feast comes to mind. The puritanical locals are determined to partake out of kind courtesy while not allowing themselves to experience "sinful" pleasure... but then the wine kicks in.
  5. Trevalin, if one woofer sounds "good" played in isolation with a complex audio signal (full-range music preferred) and the other does not, then you have all the answer you need. Replace the obviously bad driver. (Observe polarity carefully when you do!) FYI it sounds to me like the bad driver has a rubbing/shorting voice coil---perhaps from physical damage from overexcursion---and was probably borderline defective right out of the box. Gently axially depressing the cone while taking a resistance reading might reveal that. You also might do well to set your receiver's center channel speaker size to "small" if it is not already there, and/or set its crossover point to 80-100Hz, to minimize future low bass excursion. Let the mains and/or sub do the heavy lifting. Good luck!
  6. Peter, well met dude! You know me... Don in Fort Collins, CO here. You have lodged at my house! You have dropped your jaw at the bass from my Fortes! You have made me jerky for my birthday! What are you doing not coming to me with your Klipsch questions??? (Kidding re the last sentence. You are a grown ((borderline old)) man and can make your own way, especially on a bike.) Tangent 500s are Heresy IIs (exact same drivers and x-over) with a big cheap cabinet and a passive radiator (which I also prefer over ports). I have a friend who has some, and they are a great value if obtained for a good price which means patience, which he didn't have so he paid too much but that is not a big deal as he is very happy. The cabinets are not great, sure, but can be reinforced with Skills You Possess. A pair of Tangent 500's---or 400's for that matter---are usually the bargain way to get very close to Forte performance levels. What you should be considering is converting your Heresy II to "Super Tangents" by making (or converting) some big cabinets for them with proper Thiele-Small tuning. You could even add some volume to your existing Heresy II cabinets and port them (or add passives) to get the bass I know you really crave. OTOH, a good sub with your Heresies and you are set for life! I emailed you about this recently. I listen to my Heresy IIs with a sub far more often than to my Fortes these days---with great satisfaction---mainly due to basement theater location and late night timing. I'm actually thinking of selling my Fortes(!), as I am grooming/tweaking some vintage (TOA) sleepers to replace the Fortes with massive Altec/JBL-class cold-slap-in-the-face goodness. You really ought to just mosey out here soon so we can map out a course of action while listening to tunes per your excellent recommendations and quaffing local micros (but you don't drink, right?). And you can listen to my budding super-TOAs and weep. We are soon to be empty-nesters so beds are available.
  7. First, I have a theory... well I have lots of theories, but here's one. Many pop/rock/country mastering engineers subconsciously attempt to make their recordings sound like good lively high efficiency horn and semi-horn systems (Klipsch, Altec, JBL, EV, etc.) when played back on typical bland direct radiating speakers, e.g. Bose. So this tends to make a typical pop/rock/country recording sound harsh and "honky" on a horn system because the mastering exaggerates the speaker's tonality---like a caricature of itself. Not so much so for jazz, folk, classical, and---especially---cinema, which is mastered on horns for horns. So my demo choices tend to be from those genres. Moving on, here are but three of my favorite ear-candies: Laurie Anderson - Freefall Bruno Coulais - Norbu Mark Knopfler - Speedway at Nazareth More can be found here. It's a work in progress; some are destined for the dustbin as I add better selections and/or transfers.
  8. http://fortcollins.craigslist.org/ele/5302593379.html
  9. Yep, the only foolproof ways to protect them from unauthorized use are to not post them, or to restrict viewing privileges to trustworthy people only.
  10. Come on now. I'd be really surprised to learn that Audiovox wants the rights to anybody's photos around here. Thanks for the reply, JL. Yep, I agree that it's a long shot that they would want to do anything beyond hosting them in the forum. But the Terms of Service do award them unlimited usage rights to our posted content "in connection with the Service" which some web services (like Facebook if I mistake not) have interpreted to allow its use for e.g. promotional purposes, so I like to be cautious. From the TOS: All Content you submit becomes the property of Klipsch Group, Inc. We reserve the rights to remove or modify any Content submitted for any reason without explanation. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content.
  11. The pig is making my mouth water! We have butchered locally raised lambs in my neighbor's dining room so the prep photos would be no problem for me. We are due for another butchering session really soon, but will avoid doing it on Halloween night as the trick-or-treaters might take it wrong. Your photos are boosting my desire to visit the Phillipines and Malay Archipelago, a long standing fascination. Cheers! -Don
  12. Hi and thanks, Bruce. Center pic is from historic Nanxun Town in (I think) Zhejiang Province. It is between Huzhou and Shanghai, just a bit south of Lake Taihu. We arrived there late in the (December) afternoon and the low sun was filtering through the broken overcast and warming everything up nicely... great shooting conditions! There are many touristy old water villages in the vicinity of Lake Taihu... I've been to three of them and I found Nanxun the most photogenic. Cheers! -DonI love the west! Feel free tho post more of those! Nice work! Hey, thanks jo56steph74. Not sure I want to or ought to turn this into a photo sharing site or hijack the thread (or give Audiovox rights to my photos). What I really ought to do is set up an online gallery to share my "body of work". I'll be sure to send you a link when that happens and then you can peruse at length. BTW I also enjoy your "word pictures" of the West. California Coast is indeed a national treasure. Sadly I have no pix from my HWY1 trip several years ago as my camera bag with all my exposed film was stolen from my car at Santa Cruz. Happily the camera and my best lens were not in the bag! Cheers! -Don
  13. Hi and thanks, Bruce. Center pic is from historic Nanxun Town in (I think) Zhejiang Province. It is between Huzhou and Shanghai, just a bit south of Lake Taihu. We arrived there late in the (December) afternoon and the low sun was filtering through the broken overcast and warming everything up nicely... great shooting conditions! There are many touristy old water villages in the vicinity of Lake Taihu... I've been to three of them and I found Nanxun the most photogenic. Cheers! -Don
  14. Well, it must be admitted that they are sons of birches.
  15. Klipsch audio is a little obsession of mine. Photography is a huge one. Favorite subjects: American West, Asia, grandkids. Photos by the hundreds. Don
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