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My "new" Heresy HI-SM


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Fortune crossed my path, I got a couple of Heresy HI-SM, it is not so easy to find these units in Europe and even less on a small Spanish island (Ibiza) I live on the largest Balearic island Mallorca.

The condition for the age could say that it is perfect, all the units are original, woofer, midrange, tweeter and crossovers. I have not yet connected them for listening, I have made a measurement at the terminals and both units show 6.1 Ohm.

The two crossovers are HIE type although one (the one with the higher serial number) #3849 by #3761 of the other, has different capacitors than anything I have seen so far. Do you know if these can be original or have they been recap? what makes me doubt a recap is that on the black base there are no traces of anchor holes of the oil capacitors.


At the moment I have no idea of doing a recap, I'm going to connect them to my little tube amplifier to "roll" them, measure them and draw conclusions.


Many thanks for your reading, I will report on the evolution of these jewels.


(This is my first post on this forum, although I've read it quite a bit I don't know if I posted in the right place, sorry if it wasn't)


Also apologies if my english is not so correct.



Un saludo




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The black plastic cased capacitors were OEM Klipsch for a while in the 990s maybe before.  Your K-42-E looks to be an Eminence (speaker company) made copy of the EV EVM-12L, the woofer I had in my early '80s HIPs. 


Your English is excellent. 

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Hi, I'm also from Spain (Basque Country), and I have a pair of HI-SM too. It's funny how these are easier to find in Spain than regular Heresy Is, at least from my experience. 

I found them in a second hand store (Cash Converters) in very nice condition and I've been using them for a year and a half, paired with two SVS subs. I'm quite happy with them but I have only compared them to some little bookshelf studio speakers, which had some beautiful tight bass but a poor midrange. Now I am building a pair of Super Heresy 2.0s and we'll see which pair I'll keep, but definitely the looks of the HI-SM have been growing on me (I didn't like them at first) and they would be hard to get rid of. I don't think I will.


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