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Looking Glass - Brandy


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I am in one of those moods where this song is just sounding so awesome.... Too bad I am listening to this song over the internet, would have loved to hear it on ma sys.


A new song... Ace Carrack, how long has this been going on. Another killer oldie.

If you like a mix of 70's 80's and 90's Wolf FM has a really good solid music stream.

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Ah yes, those oldies but goodies. If you start humming along to 'Night Chicago Died" by Paper Lace or "Billy, Don't Be a Hero" by Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods we may have to send you to a therapist. I can't talk. I'm partial to "Sky High" by Jigsaw and "White Lies, Blue Eyes" by Bullet.

If you really enjoy the '70s music (AM & FM) you might want to check out the Sounds Of The Seventies series of CDs at www.timelife.com. There are about 20 tracks on each CD.

Click on Music, then on 70s Rock & Pop. Scroll down and on the left you should see Sound of the Seventies. Click on choose the volumes you want. It takes a while, but all 21 CDs in the series are there and you can access the track listings for each CD. I have this set and there are alot of good songs in it. Time-Life's Guitar Rock set is also real good. I used these alot back in my DJ days. I managed to build up a good size CD collection. Have fun.

btw - "Brandy" is on 1972: Take Two

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Somewhere in my study I've got both (?) of the Looking Glass albums. Think I picked them up at a record pawn shop. Never listen to them all the way through. Think I'll give 'em a spin on the ol' velvet claw when I get home if nobody is home, just so I don't those hairy oddball looks if the rest of it is sorta goofy.4.gif

Even got Leo Sayer's "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" and "Where Are You Now" from Samantha Sang (backed up by the Bee Gee's)9.gif.

Just dug up the Looking Glass vinyl. They're both "Demonstration Record-Not for Resale" and "For Review Not For Sale" stamped. One is "Subway Serenade" (Epic KE-32167) and the other seems to be self titled (Epic KE-31320).

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On 1/7/2003 4:40:51 PM tblasing wrote:

Even got Leo Sayer's "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" and "Where Are You Now" from Samantha Sang (backed up by the Bee Gee's)


That has got to be one of those songs I would never admit to my friends that I like 2.gif. Kinda like back in high school, in a million years i would never admitted to liking Michael Jackson's Thriller. 12.gif

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The band Looking Glass is an interesting yet familiar story. I knew of these guys because they used to play a lot at some of my old stomping grounds at Rutgers University in the late sixties to early seventies. They played the Frat and bar scene on a regular basis and became quite well known because all four members were fine musicians. Their problem was they were truly a band that fell into the Young Rascals/ Vanilla Fudge type genre if you had to characterize them. Live they kicked serious butt. What happened is that after Brandy was released on 45 their fans who were familiar with Looking Glasss live performances were disappointed with the recording. It did not represent the bands sound at all once Columbia got a hold of them. On the other hand the people that came to see the group perform after only hearing Brandy on the air waves were also let down because this was truly not a top 40 band that played 25 Brandy type of songs in a row. They felt the pressure from their old die hard fans and the new audience they acquired after the release of the first album. Putting it quite simply the people who loved their live act refused to buy the album and their radio audience despised Looking Glasss shows when they expected something completely different. Thus the money and artistic direction problems reared their ugly heads and the band broke up. Its a shame that this has happened to many fine groups once they had been jostled around by the recording companies that they worked so hard to sign with. Its and old and sad story that has spelled the demise of many great groups in every class of music. The attitude of A&R people of these record companies is the money first. The musician last. Ever wonder who gets the money every time that song is played or is sold on one of those Oldie but Goldie compilation albums ? The group? Guess again. A good business to be in if youre an anaconda .

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