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The Fives no sound on any source

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Hey guys. Did you find the solution? I tried to plug out/ plug in, I deleted the app and reinstalled it but now it refuses to get connected to the speakers .  I tried with USB, but not sure if it was successful. Updater app says the speaker’s’ firmware is up to date.

There is still no sound from any sources 🫣

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On 11/16/2023 at 12:53 AM, OO1 said:

dont update anything unless you're having real issues   , if you're having problems contact klipsch 

I have similar issue with this post. When Bluetooth connected, I turn on via ARC then the Fives cannot play any sound. I have to reset power to get it back.

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15 minutes ago, thtung51 said:

I have similar issue with this post. When Bluetooth connected, I turn on via ARC then the Fives cannot play any sound. I have to reset power to get it back.

 reach out to klipsch tech support via email  , fill the form ,   and wait for an answer  , be patient ,  they might be overwhelmed  .   phone  USA .  800 554 7724  



Here's are 2  bulletins , please read them carefully 







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My Klipsch Five stopped producing sound from all inputs.   I tried disconnecting the power cord with no change.


Next I updated the firmware and downloaded the new Klipsch app.  This solved the problem. 


The new app looks promising. 

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Me too yall, Me too!


OK, I'm not sure what Fives is. I may be missing something. I have had the Bluetooth Klipsch computer speakers sitting in one spot for about 3 years hooked to my Alexia. I recently moved them to remodel the area. There was a gurgling deep growlish muffled sound? then nothing. They power on and look good, but no sound. This sucks because as some others mentioned, they are not cheap for the amount of use I got from them. any suggestions would help. Also, how do you reset them, and what's the cost? I'd hate to mail them as heavy as they are. Please help. 

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I just bought my Fives and Google send me here. 


So first i updated my Klipsch, everything was ok i think. But, now i have minor issues connect with Bluetooth. 


Klipsch app info says this:

Serial Number: 54B7E580EBE7

Model Number: 1067563

UUID: FA07104A-2B01-0000-0000-54B7E580EBE7

Current Input: Phono

Firmware Version: 1.6.9

MCU Firmware Version: 7.0.3

Hardware Version: 02.00.01

DSP Firmware Version: n/a

Bootloader Firmware Version: n/a


So DSP Firmware and Bootloader Firmware IS n/a.


Is this normal? Anyone else who has this in info status?


And second, can i rerun usb-update and air-update again If it helps? Or can it break the speakers? 

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On 8/22/2023 at 10:30 AM, wind1084 said:

It's because of the stupid app!

My solution is: connect to the app to setup everything: EQ, Placement, etc.... Then remove the speaker from the app and delete the app! If you use bluetooth input, delete the speaker from your phone bluetooth setting and pair it again as a normal bluetooth speaker. Then unplug the power cable and replug, enjoy and forget about the app. It doesn't really matter if you turn on the auto-power or not as long as you don't use the stupit app! The absolutely worked for me. 

Thanks it worked for me as well!

My issue was that i soon as i turned off my klipschs with the controller, when i turn it on after i had no sound and i had to unplug replug the power cable.

I followed tour steps: i made sure i had the EQ setup properly with my preferences through the app then removed the app, remove the klipch from bluetooth and pair them again, unplug and replug the power cable, and then not reinstall the app afterwards and it actually worked fine now without the app. I can turn it off with the controller and on and no sound issue!

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