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Can anyone help me determine if I have a blown tweeter in my RP-280F?


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I've had these speakers for about 2 months. They are awesome speakers and I love the crap out of them. Today I'm starting to notice that one speaker seems to have a static sound coming from the tweeter. I'm worried because I am unable to perform the repair myself if it were needed and am far away from an authorized retailer (~120 miles away). I tried checking the resistance of the speakers and it seemed to check out fine. I guess what I'm asking is if there is a definitive way to know if you have a blown tweeter without opening the speaker up? I'm rather OCD about keeping my stuff nice and would hate to have to open the speaker up.

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check all wiring at the receiver/amp/pre.  then switch speaker wires to see if the sound moves to other side, if it does then its in the amp/pre or wires, if not its the speaker/tweeter.


need to remove the tweeter or open up the speaker to get to the tweeter in order to test the ohm with it unhooked from the crossover. if they are under warranty still you should contact klipsch for how to have it fixed/repaired.  shouldnt be too difficult to remove the tweeter if needed to replace it.  


final thing you can do its use a toilet paper roll placed on the tweeter & listen at lower volumes so as to not hurt your ear, or just cover the top woofer with your ear close to the tweeter,  compare to the other speaker to verify if you can hear the problem.      

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