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Crossover Frequency Settings


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Hey everyone ,


Can you please help me with the crossover settings of speakers and subwoofer because I don't like the way my speakers and subwoofer sound . I have R-121sw sub but even though gain is really low the bass doesn't sound how I imagined it is really powerful and boomy  . Even  my Jbl charger 5 portable speaker has deeper and cool bass :( 

I have read a lot of documents about room acoustics and crossover but cant seem to find the sound I like . 

Thanks already :) 


I have Sony Str-DN1080 amplifier ,

Subwoofer : R-121SW

Center       : R-52C

Front/surround : R-41M 

Atmos        : Sony SS-CSE 




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Hey Soner, Sorry you haven’t got a lot of responses but I’ll take a stab at this…. The baseline crossover recommended for home theater is 80, However that is not always the best setting…. Using room correction like odyssey, Quite often that will take the bass out of your system more than you would like…. I used it on mine and I felt like it completely remove the dynamics from my sound..  I would personally recommend 15 to 20 over what your lowest rating is for your speakers, I did it in my system is down and it helps tremendously.  Hopefully this will help and give you a baseline but as stated above we may need more information to help you further….

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