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PrimaLuna compared to Decware

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On 2/5/2023 at 5:35 PM, 82 Cornwalls said:


Maybe it is 7.5 watts/ch.

It was originally specified as 11w/ch, now just - power output 15 watts.

I have a SE and a push pull 300b. The push-pull, I can easily dial the wattage higher but not the SET for its already running hot. So 15 watts was my question....

But in terms of test bench mark, 15 watts maybe. Because I saw the result on my other amp which is a 6C33C-b tube and 50wpc is the most we can dial on a push pull 2 tubes per that gave us almost zero distortion in 100 watts. So that's probably what they mean.  Never the less and most important if the amp is perfectly matched to your system which obviously sounds good. I think that shines more than anything.


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