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In-Wall Setup and Speaker Recommendations


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Hello Everyone.

We are finishing our basement and I am trying to figure out my speaker layout and speaker recommendations. My wife asked that everything be "In the Wall". Here is the layout with my markings for speaker locations (yellow will be the sectional couch going in there). The steel beam will be box framed in.


I will be running everything through a Denon AVR-X3400h (7.2 channel).


I already have a pair of Klipsch R-5650-SII for the rear surrounds and a Klipsch SW112 sub that I was planning on reusing as I replaced those speakers in my upstairs setting.


I am thinking of the following for the LCR and atmos speakers:  Klipsch R-5502-W II and Klipsch CDT-5800-C II.


Any thoughts? 

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6 minutes ago, Cazzara said:

I was looking for confirmation that the speaker choices were OK and would all play nice. 

In my estimation, they would.

Welcome others in here to chime in. For HT, although not the usual setup, some may say ideal, should please. After the fact, other ideas could come into play so that is just how far planning is a good thing.

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There is a nook on the left wall where the couch will cover. Is it possible for me to put my sub in there? They can build a nook/niche/box for it and it would then be in the wall but behind the couch. I know not ideal, but trying to find a place for the sub that is out of the way. Thoughts?

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How much room in front of the sub do you need? I am not sure I can get the sub to fit straight on. I can get it if I turn sideways. I would have 15(ish)" clearance in front of the sub to the wall.


The cavity is 36" wide and 19" deep. The sub with connections measures 20".


Sorry for all the questions. We are designing on the fly with the contractors!

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13 minutes ago, Cazzara said:

Also, I ordered three R-5502's for LCR. Should I get the 5800-wii for the LR and keep the 5502 for center or keep all 3 5502's for LCR?  

Yes on the 5800s for the mains and a 500c for center.

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45 minutes ago, Cazzara said:

The Center channel will be in wall as well. So would you stick with the 5502 for the center? 

The 5502 is a dedicated center yet, the drivers are smaller.

You would be better off with the 5800 for center. So, left, center, right 5800s.

If I mentioned the 5802, disregard as that is an inwall subwoofer.

The 5 inch versus the 8 inch drivers, make me think the 8 inch is way to go for your setup ..

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