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Rf82 speakers and tube amplifier


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I have a pair of Klipsch Rf 82 speakers and would like to know if anyone has used a tube amp with them. I'm  particularly interested in the low amp Decware models. I recently bought a Decware zrock2 and am using it with my turntable and Oppo 203 and it really helped the sound. I'm  presently using a Marantz 7007 with the original xpa-3 by Emotiva(200 watts).

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I can't answer your question, but would recommend at least trying them on the 4-ohm taps of your tube amp.  They probably say '8-ohms' on the back, but in the words of Mr. K: "Bullshit!".  Two 8-ohm woofers in parallel is a 4-ohm load where music is asking for the most power.  

The RF82 should be efficient enough to do quite well with the Decware amp.

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