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The passing of John Henry Strohbeen III

YK Thom

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Received an e mail earlier in the week announcing the passing of Ohm Acoustics head John Henry Strohbeen III. Although not Klipsch related, like PWK he was an engineer of great skill and vision chasing audio perfection albeit with a different concept. I have been running a blended Klipch/Ohm system since 2016 when I swapped out my front main RB 61 IIs with Walsh Tall 2000s. Surprisingly enough they have worked seamlessly with my centre and rear speakers. A very nice and humble man, very friendly and easy to deal with. He even gave me a massive discount on shipping as he liked the idea of Ohms in the Northwest Territories, a place he said he had wanted to visit. Another one of the greats has stepped off the audio world stage.



Ohm Acoustics <info@ohmspeaker.com>

Oct 17, 2023, 3:37 PM (4 days ago)
Dear Audiophiles, Artists, Engineers, Designers, Friends, Contemporaries,  and Associates of John Henry Strohbeen III,

We are sad to share that John passed away recently in his adopted home town of Brooklyn, New York.   He left too soon.  He  was an avid audiophile and  engineer who was continuously  working to innovate and improve his products, and he had unfinished designs on his desk, unwritten emails to send, and unknown  listeners he looked forward to meeting. 

To those of you who knew him, and knew of his passion for perfection in loudspeakers, and his legendary role in the history of the development of high fidelity audio equipment in the United States, we know he will be missed, and we invite you to share your stories about John.  You can go to Facebook and remember John to the world.


Did you call him on the phone and share your interests with him?  Did you enjoy listening to his rumbling basso as he patiently explained the newest developments in the Walsh Technology?  Perhaps you worked with him designing new speakers, or met him at a trade show.  Maybe you bought an original  pair of Ohm speakers from Tech Hi-Fi, and have loved them for years.   Perhaps you recently found a pair of Ohm speakers at a yard sale, discovered John could repair them, and you were hooked on Hi-Fi when you learned how amazing his speakers could sound.  Maybe you opted for an upgrade as you learned about sound stage and imaging, the watts of your amplifier, or the range of response, and you remember that it was John who opened your ears to the possibilities of HI-Fidelity reproduction.  Share your experience, and help to keep John's memory alive.  John is no longer with us, but his genius will stay with us in the beauty and precision of his wonderful loudspeakers.

There is much to know about John's life and work, and much was recorded in his newsletters and articles that are here  on the Ohm Website:


 Explore them, and remember John.

We at the Ohm Acoustics family appreciate all of the support shown by the thousands of happy listeners who enjoyed our Speakers.  Some of us have been with Ohm for over 50 years, many have come and gone, and some have only just arrived, but all of us came to Ohm because of John Strohbeen, and were captured by his vision and entrepreneurial spirit.  We too will miss him.

Think of him the next time you enjoy a pair of Ohm speakers.

Good listening!

Ohm Acoustics

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I read in Stereophile that Ohm Acoustics had been listed for sale in September as he hoped to retire - he was 80 years old. His health was obviously worse than the public was aware. I'm hoping someone or one of the larger groups such as Voxx International,  acquires it.

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I belong to an Ohm owners group on FB, this was posted yesterday. I'm hoping Voxx International is the buyer. It would really be something to see what Roy could do with this line and concept.

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Hello all, I know it's been awhile so I thought I'd bring you a little more news. Keep in mind I'm not a spokesman for Ohm but just by chance of a phone call I became connected with the late owner's sister and we've had some wonderful conversation. A sale in the company is forthcoming, but as with any estate upon a person's death the estate has to be settled. It's always time-consuming and never goes as quickly as you want it to. Be patient please, Ohm Acoustics is still a viable company but like I said it's dealing with the estate now it's taking the time. Just trying to bring some good news and please be patient.
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