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Cornwall I restoration


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1 hour ago, Invidiosulus said:

 You are deluding yourself if you think there aren’t far better modern tweeters available.

  there always was  2 EV tweeters used by klipsch heads ,  the 1st the K-77  , because most middle aged adults cant hear past  12-14 Khz ,   but for the few Boneheads  who can hear past 15000 Hz ,  the 2nd tweeter is the EV-T350 @ 3500 to 23000Hz  

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3 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:

I wouldn’t trust any measured differences unless the speakers were both in the exact same position in the room.


valid point. if i have the time i'll do the test again.

distance between speaker and mic is 1mtr. what is the preferable height ? i thought to have it centered on the squawker

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i measured the speakers, put them on the same spot with the mic at mid-height of the sqauwker.

first measurement is with left speaker Aerovox caps, and right already modified Monacor.



after that i changed the Aerovox on the left with Monacor and compared (old left) Aerovox with (new left) Monacor



finally i measured left and right with new Monacor caps



here's the diy test setup




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