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SOLD - Mofo Class A Monoblock Amplifiers and Nelson Pass Front End


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Over the last 6 months I have experimented with the Mofo amplifier from Diyaudio because I own a pair of Monoblock F4 amps and wanted to see how the Mofo's performed for 1/4th the price. I built 3 different types of the same amp at the standard 19V and was very impressed by the sound, but I am now selling them to fund other diy projects. 


The Mofo and F4 are Power Follower amps and have 0 gain, which means they need a VERY powerful gain preamp or can be run by a flea watt integrated tube amplifier. I have a pair of Klipsch Super Heresy and used a Modwright Tube Preamp, a Pass Korg Nutube, a Pass Front End, and a Whammy headphone amp. All of them drove the Mofo to reasonable listening levels.


For sale with prices is everything below:


- Monoblock Mofos in a single diy chassis with two 19V Dell power supplies, WIMA film caps, with 6MM faceplate and a Peruvian Walnut bottom. You can expect 12-15 Watts Class A with a preamp that has enough juice to push them. With Klipsch, Zu, Tekton, Fostex, or any other efficient speakers over 95 db you shouldnt need them at full power. - Asking $300 plus ship


- Monoblock Mofos on separate Peruvian Walnut plates with the same 19V Dell power supplies, but Solen Capacitors. These are a more rugged and exposed version but sound very similar to the first amp. Expect the same power and requirements to run them. - Asking $250 plus ship


Both the Mofos do NOT have a switch to avoid thump on turn on. I recommend a switched Power bank or a surge protector switch to turn them on without thump. 


- The Nelson Pass Front end I built to power a pair of the amps with 20db of gain and is powered off a 48V Meanwell DC power supply.. It has two inputs, and a single output. I built it into a Hammond chassis and painted the front to match the silver amp. It is a very nice pairing with the Mofos - Asking $100 but willing to give a better deal with the first amp.


I am willing to ship anywhere in the continental US. Any questions just ask.

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