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Where to begin, RF-3II purchase tweeters not working


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First post here so bear with me. And I should correct myself the tweeters are working they are just not getting a signal. I purchased four RF-3II speakers. Two sets of consecutive serial numbers. The person told me he had owned him since new never had an issue. However, when I got them home and unloaded them, I’ve heard something rattling in one of the speakers something loose inside. I proceeded to remove the tweeter, because I could see that there was none present when I looked in the horn and found that the coil was melted on one of the speakers. So, without even doing any investigation, I ordered a new diaphragm, put it in and still nothing on further investigation. Neither of the one set of speakers had tweeters that were working. Obviously the one has been repaired so my question is what would be next to troubleshoot the issue? Assuming it’s crossover issue because all the connections are good. What could I test next to find the faulty component? Or are there upgrades I should do to the crossovers while I’m in there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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