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Klipsch WA-2 wiresless sub woofer connector and Dennon AVR x3400H Reciever

Jason Bear

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I recently purchased a home that included a home theater set up that the previous owner sold to me. The system includes Klipsh Speaker towers and a Dennon AVR X3400H reciever. Everything seems to work great except I cannot figure out how to connect the sub wooder. I have the WA-2 wireless connector but cannot figure out how to connect it to the Dennon reciever. Do I need to strip the recievers RCA cables to conenct to the back of the reciever the same as the tower speakers are conencted? I don't see any other subwoofer outputs other than the one which requires you strip the wires.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have been researching this for days and have had no luck finding a solution.


Thank you! 

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I’m not familiar with that setup but looking at pictures online, the box thar sends the signal to the sub has RCA inputs so you’d connect the RCA subwoofer output of your receiver to that.  The signal receiver for the sub looks like it has a multi-pin connector similar to an old school S-VHS connector.  You’d connect that to the WA-2 input on the sub.

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