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KG4 posting bc of the ad, not bc it's a deal

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From the ad:

"The infamous Klipsch kg4 – where big sound meets speakers that make other systems question their life choices. This bad boy packs a punch that would make even larger speakers blush with envy. The input panel of the kg4 is like the VIP section of speaker parties, rubbing shoulders with the crossover network like they're the power duo of the audio world. And, there's more! The Klipsch advanced circuitry is like the superhero cape for your tweeter, shielding it from overdriven or clipping amplifiers like a bouncer at a nightclub. Because when it comes to audio, these guys take protecting your speakers seriously – like the bodyguards of the soundwave world. Step aside, potential damage, the kg4 is here to keep the party rocking without any casualties."

Here is the ad

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