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Eminence 12" woofers in H-Frame enclosures, Gibson Firebird, Bally Pinball Machines


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I have two Eminence Alpha A-15 15" drivers. They are currently in the Open Baffle H-Frames you see below the big Oris horns. Nice but not perfect zebra wood veneer job. The veneer was not cheap and the rest of the materials not to mention my time.


$200 for the pair, you pick up at zip 21154 or make Uship arrangements.


Drivers are currently $145 each at Parts express. They make excellent open baffle projects. PM if you just want the drivers, I'm sure we can work something out.


Probably a long shot but I know there has been discussion of both pins and guitars in the past. After selling the majority of my vinyl collection, Industrial La Scalas and a few other items I'm back on the downsizing mode. Bring a big truck/trailer and strong back and take them all for a great price.


If you play guitar this one is killer. If you just need a cool wall hanger for your music room this will work wonders. Just outside your listening room next to the popcorn machine you absolutely need a pinball machine or two.


USA Gibson Firebird 2016 VT Neck Through design - $2,000 PM for more details and tons of pix


1971 Bally 4 Million B.C. It is in fantastic all original condition right down the original keys/locks and coin mechanisms. I’m just the 2nd owner and it has a very low number of plays on it. Recently all the rubber was replaced and gone over by a professional (JT Amusement) in PA. It is a Zipper Flipper model and fairly collectable. $1,600


The other is a 1972 Space Time. Great 70 Space theme. Fun play. It is fully working. It was gone over by a professional and all the rubber/lights replaced when I bought it in the early 2000s. For that machine I also have a complete populated 2nd playfield. This particular machine (not my actual machine) was featured in scenes on Happy Days. Slight mistake on the prop guys since this was a 1972 model. $1,200


I also have various original pinball stuff dealer sheets, schematics and odds and ends like coin slots, aprons, plastics, etc.


PM for info on pinball machines. I can provide detailed high rez photos if there is any interest

















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3 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

Pretty good price on that Gibson guitar. One of the best sustain guitars made.


None cheaper on Reverb (or in as good of shape I'd bet). 

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