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Woofer pictures

John Warren

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I have attached a few pictures of a recent acquisition, a University C 15W woofer. The speaker is shown on the right. For commparison purposes a Klipsch K 33 (1982) is shown on the left. The C 15W incorporates a 6lb 4oz Alnico V magnet, total motor assy 17 lbs.

At that time only the Tannoy 15" dual concentric contained more Alnico V magnet material than the C 15W. The dual 50 watt voice coils are aligned by two spiders. The frame is cast Al and the overall weight of the speaker is 27 lbs. Some "vintage" EV woofers were heavier but the weight was do to iron not magnet. Fs around 25cps. Designed for theater applications the unit was also found in the famous "Classic" low-boy/high-boy exponential horn developed by Abraham Cohen at University.

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This beast is awesome, John!!!

It's a pity to see how ugly and "plain" are Klipsch woofers. It's the same thing with my TESLA alnico woofers: they're so beautiful (tough obviously not as beautiful as this one) that I'm sad i have to sell them to get the money for a pair of K33E...wich just look SO cheap...Hopefully, in a klipsch, the woofer is hidden!!

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