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Martin Logan Dynamo 1600x Not Functioning Properly

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I have two Martin Logan Dynamo 1600x Subwoofers that haven't been functioning properly since last Friday afternoon.   Each subwoofer will not work unless it's connected to the Subwoofer Control App - (when I close the app; there's basically No volume).


(the disfunction started when I upgraded to the Yamaha A-S 2200 from the Yamaha R-N 803)


Anyone had this problem in the past?

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Plug the old Yamaha back in and see if the problem clears. Trying to establish whether the problem

remains after the switch back, which would mean something changed in the subs' software as a

result, or if it's amp related.

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Thank you; to everyone who have a help-reply.


With some help from a Crutchfield help-technician; I found the problem is with the Rotel RB-1582 Mkii.

-(the Yamaha R-N 803 has a 12v trigger-out; so it worked with the Rotel RB-1582 Mkii)

-the Yamaha A-S 2200 has No 12v trigger-out; it wasn't turning on the Martin Logan Dynamo 1600x Subwoofers

-the Rotel-1582 Mkii will not turn-on (when toggle switch is in On-position) if it doesn't receive a 12v trigger-in signal


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