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Sound Blaster Audigy?


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Sound Blaster Audigy X-Gamer. This sound card is aimed at the gaming market and is to replace the todays X-Gamer. The price is expected to be around US$99.

Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+. In fact, this is just the same thing as the previous model with that only difference that the developers devoted a lot of attention to MP3 when working on it. The product will cost about US$99.

Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum. The cost of this solution is around US$199, however, for this money you will also get a remote control unit, FireWire connectors, etc.


Key Selling Points

* Powerful EMU10K2 Audio Processor -- expanded power, double the effects

* Secure Content Support -- Expanded content secruity, safe box, secure music, secure transaction

* Dual Firewire/1394 Support -- expanded high speed connectivity, connectivity to DV cameras, connectivity to external storage and 1394 supported devices; similar to USB, but 30x faster; can hook up to 60 devices

CLI will also be creating sub-brands for each feature to leverage technology, EX: Audigy Audio Processor, Content Pass, Sound Blaster 1394

Secondary Features

* 6 channel digital and analog output (Dolby Digital approved -- CLI is only company to have this approval)

* PlayCenter 2 -- high quality 320kbps encoder with up to 9x digital audio acceleration; digital media organizer; audio only media player that allows selection of frequencies, added click remover and noise reduction features

* Customization with EAX effects and Oozic-- various acoustic properties, voice shifter; visual component/enhancer

* Complete software package

* Upgradeability via CreativeWare (formerly LiveWare)

Platinum Product Only

* Audigy Drive with Firewire connector -- connects to front of PC, offering consumers 2 connectors

* Remote control


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What do you know about Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding support in this future card? I've been told that the current SoundBlaster Live 5.1 doesn't support the decoding of external sources such as a consumer DVD player. It can only decode sources via software. What's the timeline for this card?

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i second paradigm. creative suxs.





PIII @ 1.08GHZ

SuperMicro PIIISCD I820 Mobo

512mb pc133 Viking

Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm ata66

Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm ata100

Generic DVD 4X

Creative 8x4x32x Burner

GeForce256 32mb DDR (orig)

3Com 905B-TX Lan

Netgear RT314 Gateway/Router

Philips Acoustic Edge

425w Power Supply

Triple Boot Me/2K/Whistler Build 2416

Klipsch Pro-Media 4.1's

umm... a floppy.

thats it, for now


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Hell i have one of there burners, but just to let you know something, CREATIVE, SONY, etc.. don't make burners, RICOH does and then sells them to CREATIVE and SONY.

As for the sound cards, THOSE are made by creative = we don't like to innovate+ instead we like to recycle old tech and make it look new so that we can milk more money on PC users.

Creative spokes man says: THE Philips AE is worthless, it's full of bugs and will never work, please don't buy them, AE can't really decode DD 5.1 and this QMSS chip is all hype, instead all it does is distort and rune the sound.


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I'll stick with my Plextor burner.


All Your Base Are Belong To Us


1GHz TBird


FOP38 & CuShim

Kingmax 256MB PC150

Annihilator2 32MB GTS

Intel Pro100+Management NIC

Promise Ultra100

IBM 75GXP 45GB ATA100 & Maxtor DMP6800 27.2GB ATA66

Plextor 16X10X40A Sony 12X DVD

SBLive! 5.1

AOpen HX08 Full Tower 300W

Sony CPD-G400 19" Triny

ProMedia 4.1

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I don't see where all this animosity for Creative Labs is coming from. Sure they release new products with small updates, but who doesn't, look at the v.2-400 to the 4.1's. You might need to come up with a better arguement than that. As for the AE, it is a great card and I look forward to the competition Creative Labs is getting from Philips and Hercules. But please don't use unfounded claims to put done a good product. I have been very pleased with my soundblaster live and I'm looking to upgrade to a better sound card (with DD 5.1) probably later this year. Be it creative, philips, or hercules let the best product win...not the manufacturers name that is on it.

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