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Ceiling Drop-Mounts

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Well, after many many many years, there is finally an opportunity to move the big system out into a larger room of its own.  (To be exact, that's 20 years.)


But I seem to be facing a problem with logistics.


My surrounds consist of two RS-7's and two RS-3's.  The RS-7's have been assigned as side surrounds, with the RS-3's being rear.  In their current layout, they're on the back wall of this room, with the 7's on the outside, 3's on the inside.  That won't fly in the new room.  


The new room is 19.5' long by 15' wide.  At just over the half-way point, the room will be cut in half with a general sitting area.  Above where this cut-off is there is a ceiling fan and an in-ceiling vent.  Here's where the issue lies.  The opposite wall of where the TV is, is a brick fireplace.  I'm not interested in trying to fight with mounting speakers into the brick.  The RS-7's will go on the side where they belong, but I need to somehow mount the 3's angled just behind where this seating position will be - from the ceiling.


Does anyone have experience with ceiling mounts, and have any good recommendations for using them?  The A/V shop I have been using for install doesn't deal with them, and while I'm sure they'll install them for me still, they don't sell them.

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Mostly because I am concerned about doggos (and eventual kiddos) knocking them over.  The side surrounds will also have to be high to clear the windows on the one side.

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