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songs that beat your bass!

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Armin van Buuren + BMI - Communication (BenLiebrandMix)

Bass - - Test Very Loud Compilation of Subwoofer Tests

Bass - Extreme Woofer Test

Bass - Illegal Bass - Bass Outlaws - Stereo Bass (Extreme Wo

Bass - subwoofer test

Bass - Ultimate Subwoofer Test

Bass 305 - Digital Bass - 12 - Sub Culture(Sonic Boom Mix)

Bass 305 - Techno Bass

Bass 305 - Turntable Terrorism

Bass Boy - Bass Boy Crazy

Bass Boy - Bass Me Up

Bass Boy - Blinded By The Bass

Bass Boy - Dr Crankenstein SPL Competition Disc - 09 - Slow

Bass Boy - I Got The Bass

Bass Boy - Rebel Bass

Bass Hit - Wooker Cooker (no joke!)

Bass Outlaws - Technoquad

bass test - 035hz.mp3

bass test - 100hz.mp3

bass test - bassy juice


Dr Crankenstein - SPL Competition - BASS CD - 01 - Bassgasm

Dynamix II - Arrival Of Bass

Dynamix II - Bass Generator (electro megamix)

Dynamix II - Bass Planet - 11 - Vibrations Are Increasing

Ed's cool bass test 53.83 Hz.wav

Lucasfilm Ltd. - THX Sound Effects

Sony Dolby Digital - Intro

Sound Effects - THX Train Effect

SubWoofer Excursion Test - SubWoofer Excursion Test

swing machine - this is acid jazz - deep vibes

Techmaster P.E.B. & Bass Boy - Bass Bender

Techmaster P.E.B. & Bass Boy - Techin' Slow 'N Low

Techmaster P.E.B. - Bassgasm (Ultimate Woofer Test

Techmaster P.E.B. - My Computers (Ultimate Tweeter

Techmaster P.E.B. - WORLD'S DEEPEST BASS (Extreme Woofer Tes

Techmaster P.E.B.-It Came From Outer Bass


THX - Dolby DTS

THX - Dolby DTS - Jurassic Park


THX Bass Test - I Love Big Speakers

THX Dolby Sound Effects



Ultimate Sub Woofer Test


Download the latest ver. of Klipsch 3d Animation:


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What about some



Linkin Park-Crawling

Limp Bizkit-Almost anything

Soulfly-Almost anything(specialy Jumpdafukup)

Slipknot-Spit it out

I could go on and on but a wont Tipsy.gifSmile.gif~


You all stare, but you'll never see

There is something inside me

There is something in you

I despise

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CD: The Digital Domain - A Demonstration

Particularly tracks,


(from the trickle of a stream to jet taking off over your head...the jet engine covers almost the entire spectrum from piercing highs as it comes up to you then it passes and produces some earthquake like rumbling lows...intense)



(excellent recording of a chopper at very close range, then cuts the engine and lets it wind down. This one pumps some serious air out the port on the sub of my 2.1s)

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