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Scary episode golfing(OFF TOPIC- DON'T YELL AT ME)


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So I was out golfing with some friends Monday. We were off the tee on #2, which comes back towards the road, with the clubhouse to the right. I hit my approach shot, but hit a big ole slice out to the right. I saw it heading right at the club house. We hid behind some trees, but when we heard the squeal of tires and the crunch of sheet metal, we got the he!! out of there & skipped back to #4. I was so scared I was shaking. After somehow making it through the next 5 holes, we were going by the clubhouse, and saw ambulances, and a big tour bus in the ditch laying on its side. My friend's dad is a lawyer and happened to be there. I discreetly walked up to him and said, "You know, that was my ball, what happened?" He said that the ball bounced of the clubhouse and into the windshield of the coach, which caused the driver to swerve off the road. The bus was full of senior citizens on their way to Amish country, and their were numerous injuries. "Holy sh!t, what should I do?"

He said, "Shorten your stance a little bit and remember to turn your wrist over!"11.gif3.gif

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There are two ways to look at it. One is to come forward, it was an accident, there was no criminal intent, so I doubt there is any liability on your part. It would make you feel better about this incident.

The second is not to go forward, the bus driver went into a ditch because of a golf ball! What does he do when a cat or dog runs in front of him?

I had a similar experience driving by our local golf course. I had just pulled up to the stop sign, and hole #3 is right there facing the other direction. The golfer topped the ball and it went backwards and bounced 20 yards before striking my truck. I could not move because of traffic, so I set there and waited for the impact.

I got out and looked for damage and thankfully there was none, probably because of the distance that it bounced before impact. After I looked for damage the golfers were looking at me and expected me to come over and chew them out or something. I just looked at them and said "maybe you should take up bowling". the golfers buddy dropped to his knees laughing!

I bet he never lives that down.9.gif

If it was me I would choose option #1



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A golfer and his buddies were playing a big round of golf for $200. At the eighteenth green the golfer had a ten foot putt to win the round, and the $200. As he was lining up his putt, a funeral procession started to pass by. The golfer set down his putter, took his hat off, placed it over his chest, and began to wait for the funeral procession to pass. After it passed, he picked up his putter and returned to lining up his putt.

One of his buddies said, "That was the most touching thing I have ever seen. I can't believe you stopped playing, possibly losing your concentration, to pay your respects."

"Well, he said,... We were married for 25 years."

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