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Epic CF Series

Tony Reed

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I know the Epic series isn't very popular on this BB, but I've sorta learned to appreciate them.


If you had CF 3 or CF 4 version ones, you would really appreciate them.

I like them better overall then any other Klipsch speaker I have ever owned.

While I appreciate the efficiency of the Klipsch Folded horns, I can also hear their coloration's.

Never heard a Cornwall 2, but the Cornwall One can have it's moments, as can the original Forte.

Never had a Forte 2 in my home.

What I like about the CF series is they can be out a ways from the back wall.

In my experience, placing a speaker back against a wall ruins depth of image.

The CF series are imaging champions.

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William J, Great info....I have a couple questions on the sand. I'm assumming the bag of sand would be best directly in the middle of cabinet bottom, is that correct or does it really matter? Seconly, were talking Sandwich size here right? Thanks.....

Gotta be careful with bags of sand.

The ports must not have air flow obstructed.

I have CF 3's version one, no problem with "cabinet vibration" or excess colorations, even compared to my B&W Matrix 801's.

The version 2's have higher port tuning.

Perhaps this is the problem ?

The woofer is flopping around because there is not low enough tuning to damp it anymore ?

The version 3's are even worse!

High port tuning and a lighter cone w/o as much self damping.

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I believe you were asking about the differences in the revisions that were done during the product lifecycle and not between the two little models. I can do some research to get more definitive answers for you but basically there were three versions of the EPIC series. The differences lie in the crossovers, woofer cone and horn materials and port tube lengths. The ports would be an easy one to spot as they are either really short or long. Just stick your hand in there or use a flashlight to look. The other differences would require disassembly to find out. The woofer difference can be told by checking the part number on the motor structure. The original series has a different part number than the second version. You would also have to look at the crossover to see which version it is. As for the difference in the horn material, I don't think you can tell which one it is by looking. About all you can do there is see if they match. The crude and effective way to do that is to take both horns out (one from each speaker) and knock your knuckles on them and see if they sound the same. The materials were different in density so one would sound "lower" than the other when you tapped on it. If you have specific questions about a specific pair of speakers then let me know and I will get you an answer as to what version they are.


Jim, I was told that version 1 and version two CF 3 and CF 4 use same woofers.

Just port tuning was raised on version 2's.

Version 3 CF 3 and CF 4 use a different woofer cone then version one and two.

From reading your other post, I gather that the horn was changed in version 3 ?

MAYBE this is an improved horn, maybe not ?

It might be worth a try to slap it in my version ones if it is better.

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Tony,I'm happy for you.Always loved the 3's even over the 4's.Wanted them really bad.

Maybe I'll get to hear them soon.


The CF 3's are great, but the "Holy Grail" of all Klipsch Epic Lovers are the CF 4 Version 1.

I have spoken with Roy Delgado, and he said the CF 4's are even better.

3 db more efficient, and according to Roy, the crossover range worked out even better on CF 4 vs CF 3.

I am of course referring mainly to the version 1's.

The version 2's are just plain not as good, and the version 3's .........

Well, let's be nice, and just say "they are version 3's" ?

Perhaps the version 3 CF 3's sound better then the CF 4's version 3 ?

I CAN see that as a [possibility.

In the version 3's, a lighter cone material was used.

Efficiency was a tad better, but the midrange magic and taut bass went bye bye too.

Perhaps the smaller 10" woofers in the version 3 CF 3's were less effected by the lighter cones then the 12" woofers of the version 3 CF 4's ?

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