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Post questions on Klipsch 5.1's here!

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This topic is for people with questions about the new 5.1's.....

Do the new satellites have spring clips instead of mono jacks? Do all of the satellites have angle adjustments like the center channel? Does the new control pod have cleaner potentiometers? Did they fix heatsink problems in the sub? Is there finally an on/off switch on the sub? They have increased the RMS rating by 100 watts, will that be enough to power an extra satellite and two 8" drivers? Ummm...thats about it for now. Thanks guys and gals!


My ideal 5.1 setup; 4 satellites, 1 sub, and Amy! :)

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They have increased the RMS rating by 100 watts, will that be enough to power an extra satellite and two 8" drivers?

Well as far as enough power for an extra sat, that's simple, the extra sat is identical electrically to the other 4, and the extra channel for it is 60W just like all the others so it's just an extra 60W channel. As to the subwoofer: as a general rule, larger speakers are more efficient than smaller ones. Another rule is that it takes exponentially more power to produce the same volume as you move down the frequency scale. It's likely that the new subwoofer will have a better bass extention because of the extra power and efficiency. Subwoofers are complicated pieces of design work though, so take everything I said with a grain of salt.


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Hmmm... I don't know all the answers yet, but I can answer a few...

Yes on the spring clips--plus 18 gauge wire!!

The control pod is completely different from the control pods of the previous versions, and I'm quite certain it will be completely clean (top priority!).

The heatsink problems on the 4.1 sub were caused by a manufacturing defect on a very small number of units. This will not be a problem with future 4.1s or the 5.1s--plus the subwoofers are completely different.

That's all I have for now... Oh, except the system completely rocks!



ProMedia Tech Support


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5.1 looks really good, but buying that means buying a new sound card for me.

anyway... i don't think i need to 5.1

i just got the 4.1 for nearly a month. but i waited for it to reach malaysia for nearly a year, from the ver2-400 till the 4.1


anyway, my 4.1 has a power on-off switch at the rear panel of the sub and has a detachable IEC power cord and it is 230V

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Was that heatsink problem mentioned the reazon for the overheating? I currently am on my second set of 4.1's I lost mt first one to overheated sub and the following distortion that comes with it. I am planing on buying the 5.1's as soon as they become available,but I am concern even now with my second set of 4.1's.I keep a little (10") fan behind it as I felt some pretty good heat in the back of this replacement set too,and I never push it over 40% main power...

I sure hope the cause for this problem has been corrected,I'll keep you posted on the perfomance of my current set,btw, so far except for that excesive heat my 4.1 really do rock!

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