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Upgraded SVS single tube to two (or PB-2+)??


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i am looking for some folks with a specific experience.

i am looking for folks that have a single SVS PC+ series cylinder and have:

1. bought a matching PC+ twin cylinder


2. sold it and went PB-2+

so if you have, what are your thoughts on your upgrade? (did you notice a huge difference? or create phasing problems? or now think that your cylinder was a toy compared to the PB-2+ ??)

in general i am really wondering if it will make that big of a difference or will i just end up running the 2 cylinders (or one box) half as hard for just a bit more "shake n' bake" (so not to overwhelm the k's)

thanks for helping me worry over such important things 3.gif

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Had 1 PC+2039, then added another.

then sold then and bought 2 PB2+

Thoughts, uhmmmm

Either way you go 2 tubes or 1 PB2+ you will not go wrong.

Tubes draw respect when visitors see them. Box well its big great sound and handy.

Here is a crazy crazy reason why I like the box better then the tubes. when not in boom boom use it makes a great table and seat, great place to charge my laptop, set the remotes and so on.

Either set up will give you great bass. 2 PC+ will produce about 2 to 4 more db then a single PB2+. Both are equally as impressive but I feel the PB2+ does a better with music and lower volumes.

Now when you go from 2 PC+ to 2 PB2+, duct tape anything near the subs or on the walls. I have place rubber matting on the drywall (opposite side of the HT wall, rubber mats under the surround speakers, placed cushion on the back side of the pictures on the wall. I had the 2 stacked and corner loaded. 3 large picutres frames in the HT came crashing down, floor above a floor lamp moved a good inch in 30 minutes. nic naks on the shelves in the HT and on shelves on the floor above were dancing and a crack in the drywall on the floor above.. Since that experience I seperated them.

Phasing needed to be adjusted 10 to 15 minutes.

1 PC+ 2039 great

2 PC+ 2039 unreal

1 PB2+ unreal

2 PB2+ hold on to your sock and if it aint tied down duct tape it

Well have to get back to work.

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I up graded my family room system from the 20-39PC+ to the PB2+. I thought the 20-39 was great but have to agree that the PB2+ is unreal. My room size was the major reason to make the change. It is about 5500 ft^3. The 20-39 was straining. The PB2+ just cruises.

My next effort is a dedicated HT room, it will have dual PB2+'s.

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i am not going to get dual PB-2+ (way overkill for me) but i do like the ideal of having a flat surface for stuff to be set on.

the 20-39PC+ is doing great now, it is kinda silly, but it is in a small corner offset to my seats front left. while i know you aren't supposed to be able to tell where sub freqs are coming from, this sub creates such a impact that i can feel it on my left (if you can understand)

i may wait till i build a seperate room for dedicated ht to buy another sub, but from what yall have said, i think 2 tubes may be the best fit for me (as i am staying away from 2 PB's)

thanks guys for the response, it makes me feel better hearing from folks that have owned a cylinder, then 2, then a PB-2+16.gif

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avs fan,

wooo you have me confused now (usually the job of differential equations)

so you are saying that a single PB-2isd makes more sense than two 20-39PC PLUS cylinders??6.gif

i don't see how that could possibly be better...hmmm

unless you are thinking of two PB-2isd's....but still, i would rather have the dB-12 driver than two of the isd drivers. (the TV-12..sigh another story)

could you please expand on your thoughts? thanks again 9.gif

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When I was looking at the PB2+ Tom from SVS share a little on the PB2isd. his info was very compelling, wish I still had it, and I almost waited forthe PB2isb instead of the PB2+.

I too wanted the + driver and opted for the dual PB2+.

Personally I think I should have listened to Tom. The PB2isd set up would have saved me nearly $700, thats a lot of pizza and movies.

The amount of headroom I have with 2 PB2+ is embarassing to the point where 1 is sufficient. Tom assured me the major performance difference betweenthe + and isd box was about 2 to 3db. In my experience Tom has only recommended the best- most prudent path in my purchases. Of course his suggestions went in one speaker and out the other.

If I was looking to add another PC+2039 the PB2isd would pose a thorn in my decision making. If I was going to go with 2 PC+ the dual SVS PB2isd would quickly replace the cylinder purchase.

Its tough

1PC+2039 $825 without ship

1PB2isd $949 with ship

2 PC+2039 $1650 without ship two drivers less with loyalty discount OR

2 PB2isd $1900 with ship and 4 drivers less with loyalty discount.

2 PB2+ $2600 with ship and 4 better drivers less with loyalty discount.

From what I am reading the isd box is more than the users anticipated.

Just my thoughts and I am always here to help make you decision making easier.


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hmmm, this is a tough one. i hadn't really thought of it in terms of # of drivers. i may shoot tom a note and see what he has to say. it is just hard for me to even think about the isd line...i run my plus so hard now that i want more, and i worry that if i sold the plus and went with 2 isd's, i would be in the same position as i am now - grumbling that i haven't broken windows or cracked plaster yet.3.gif

seriously, i got the impression that the idea behind the PB-2isd was creating a sub that wasn't as brutal as the PB-2+ and geared more towards the quieter, music listener. not for someone like me who expects soft tissue damage from lfe in ht.14.gif

since you have 2 PB-2+'s now, can you give me an explaination of what it is like having too much headroom? i have maxed out my 20-39 just to find it's limits (as to the point the bash amp starts to hold back to prevent a clip) and it is scary, but i do wonder what more would sound like - specifically - the point where i would say, whoa, this is too much.6.gif

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Having more headroom is a blessing and an embarassment. With the extra room the system can be run at lower strain of the amps reducing the possibility of clipping or distortion. At lower volumes the system can pump out more bass than 2 PC+2039. Since having 4 drivers pushing bass, lowering the volume does not impact performance as much as before. The Bass doesn't disappear as it did with the twin tubes. Again bigger amps and more drivers.

On the flip side the bass at higher volumes can be somewhat overwhelming and saturate the listening area sounding like a japanese subwoofers on 4 wheels cruising the mall wondering if chicks dig him for his boom boom. My personl experience is the more headroom you have the more flexibility the system has to meet ones taste for all variety of sound reproduction; music and movies.

2 PB2+are somewhat scary. there is enough bass to fill a room 3 times the size of my HT with enough to please the discriminant listener.

Definitely drop tom a note and see what he has to say.

Keep in mind the PB2Ultra is due for preorders any time soon. It is rumored that it will contain a built in parametric equalizer and be covered in a hardwood veneer, can't remember what Kind but it is one step down from the B4 veneer, Either birch or maple veneer. estimate price is $2000 but withthe newly designed Bash amp and equalizer I would venture to say the price might be more like $2200.

Oh are you drooling now? Sorry


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ahhh the 2-ultra, if i was going that mad i would go on and get the b4...my wife even asked why i didn't get the b4 or the ss tubes instead of my "ugly" black pc...she didn't see the pricing page15.gif so sad...

thanks scott for the info, that is a very interesting thought. i had always imagined pushing the subs to near max levels and never considering w/more drivers you lessen the load on any single driver.

i just wonder if it would be worth it to unload my cylinder, buy 2 PB2isd's or just buy another cylinder...it's close and i wonder if the other cylinder would get me over the level i want (i am almost there now)

anyone have 2 PB2isd's that can comment?

thanks again everyone2.gif

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Don't feel bad Tank. I don't have an SVS but am still in the same dilemma. I've been waiting for the PB2-Ultra pre-order date, but can't decide whether or not just to go ahead and get one Ultra or two PB2-Plus. I figure the price after shipping won't be too far off for either option.

I've even considered saving a few bucks and going with 2 PB2-ISD's.

Tom has been very helpful and said any of these options would be more than what I need, but its still hard making up my mind. The PB2-plus are 1-2 weeks backorder according to the main SVS site as well as 2weeks out on the ISD's so I guess it won't hurt to wait.

I also thought about the B4-plus, but don't have the extra $1k to pull it off and the WAF would be pretty low if I spent that much-- hehee

I just hope some unexpected event doesn't come up that eats into my upgrade savings I've accumulated. :)

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crazy, yep tom and i are talking now on what is up. in my mind (due to this thread) i have it down to another 20-39PC+ or selling out and buying 2 PB2isd's. tom is talking about moving my tube in another location, so it has me wondering if i have calibrated this thing wrong or bad placement...may come out that it was me and not the 20-39 after all. i will post my findings tomorrow after i hear from tom.

i have now come to just trust tom as my experience and hearing all the good stuff about him from svs folks.

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ok, i sent my layouts to tom and he has suggested a corner close to the listening position. i have been running about 10 feet away from my seating positions and the clothes flapping effect is strong, but he thinks that getting it closer to me will give me the effect of "to prevent tooth chipping, you might want to keep your mouth open 6.gif so your teeth aren't touching" that i am looking for when i watch movies w/o the wife home9.gif

have to do some rearranging to try it out. i think my room is probably too small to justify another one of these, just gotta make some time to try that new position out.

anyone have there svs in a 2-3 ft radius of their main seating position? how is it?

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My PB2-ISD is only about 2.5 feet away on my right (the best/only place for the beast). My old SW-10 (which sat in the same spot) was very directional and bass was clearly localized. With the PB2-ISD, I can't tell where the bass is coming from. Despite being close, the SVS is truely "omnipresent." At about 1/3 up on gain, the remote vibrated off the wide arm of a leather chair in front of the box, and I can feel the hair move on my arms. Haven't experience teeth chattering yet.

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