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Parasound AVC 2500


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I can't offer you advice about the 2500, but I would love to know what you think about the 1800. Specifically, what amp and speakers are you using it with. I've heard about some quirks with this unit as far as the signal sensing delay and the like. I am considering picking one of these up, along with the HCA-855A amp to power my reference series system. I don't know of any competitors in this price range (for separates) and I've heard good things about the 855 amp. Any advice?

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My AVC-1800 produced a considerable amount of noise at low volume in the left and right main speakers. I tried everything from line conitioners to using different circuits in the house and could not get rid of it. The signal sensing delay was bothersome but I could have lived with it. I also had a popping noise everytime I changed CD's, changed channels on the dish, or on the menu changes of a DVD. When changing from surround to 2 channel I sometimes had to adjust the volume control to get any sound. The remote is horrible compared to the Marantz RC 2000 MKII that I was used to. On the other hand when I took the unit to the dealer and hooked it up there it sounded great. None of the above listed problems seemed to be there. If you get 1 make sure your dealer will take it back if you have any of the problems I lsted. My dealer wasn't the easiest to work with but Parasound is very easy to deal with. To sum it up I think the preamp can sound very good considering cost, but it can be paticular about the equipment it is associated with. the Marantz AV 560 should also be pretty good. I have a 550 wich does not have DTS or 96Khz/24bit DAC, but it still sounds pretty good. Let me know if you need any more info.


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