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Best soundcard for 4.1s & MP3s?


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it is a shame your having problem because I had the SB LIVE and THE Phillips is so much better, I hear sounds that I never heard with the SB LIVE. Then Again I don't but from Dell. I like to make my own systems with all individual components. If you are having IRQ problems with the AE I am sure getting a other card any sound card you will have this problem. That's Dell for ya.

Good Luck I wish you well.

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I would get the SB Live value. It is the same card without the software bundles the others come with. I know its not the best sound card in the world, buts its stable, well supported and sounds really good, actually it sounds excellent for the price you pay. I don't think you can get a better deal than the SB live card, anyone can correct me though. I'm just talkin from experience.

Best of luck with whatever card you choose!


Movies take us to a place we would like to be and away from a place we would like to forget.

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I bought a hercules xp theater that comes with the seperate hub for usb ports and others. Problem I had was accessing the digital input. It would work on games, but when I tried music cd's I had problems. I tried patches, disabled winamp and other things, but with no help. Finally I just returned it and got the Creative Live Platinum 5.1 and I love it. Has a remote with it and the unit sets into one of my empty computer slots. Came with a nice package also, Thief II, Unreal Tounament, MDK2, and Deux Ex. Too bad I had all but Thief II already. My friends liked it tho,hehe.

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Textf>Textc>Text[bR>I have a SantaCruz soundcard and its the best!

Had a Aureal SQ2500 and a SB Live.

This one is much better and it is packed with

all kinds of goodies to play with too!

You will love it and its not expensive either.

And the ProMedias sound just great on it.

You should try it, you will just love it!

Hope this helps.


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Personally after buying the acoustic edge and testing it versus my live 5.1 I definetely that sound ares not as defined in certain eax enabled environments (such as in tony hawk 2 pro skater) I enjoy the fact that philips has such great connectivity but think that pcm transmission and their midrange/midbass could be slightly more defined. However it is a far better option over the live as for the bracket + 5.1 pricing wise I feel.

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Well, it all became moot when I finally got a reply from an e-mail I sent to their tech support folks long before I bought the AE card asking if it would work on my system. They said:

"The PSC706 Acoustic Edge sound card is compatible with the Windows 2000 Professional operating system. However, there appears to be an issue with the way the operating system

handles the surround capabilities and quad expander technology. Therefore, you may only receive 2 channel sound from the card on the system thus defeating the purpose of the 5.1 channel technology. It is not know at this

time if updated drivers will be developed to correct this issue."

On calling to verify this, another tech agreed and said that it was unlikely the drivers would get fixed, so sending the card back was my only option. I just wish I had gotten this email reply before I bought the card, sigh.

Next, checking back with DELL, they support the Soundblaster if purchased from them, so I have one on order and hopefully that will be the friggin end of all this once it arrives.


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...and the nightmare continues...

Got the Soundblaster Live! card, installed it just fine, and now my mp3s sound like crap - much flatter and with static.

No amount of messing with the creative mixer or Winamp can make it sound as good as the DELL sound chips (disabled along with driver prior to SB install) did. And this is with my Cambridge Soundworks el cheapo 2.1s (which for the price are actually pretty remarkable).

Should I just give up and go with the DELL audio and get a Y-cable when the Promedia 4.1s come out?

bummed.. frown.gif

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What? Nerver give up! I have been farting around with only 2 channels of audio for the past 3 years and am about to embark on the 4-channel Klipsch world.

I take it you disabled the onboard audio?

How many PCI slots do you have and what is in each? Just seeing what the situation is.

Also, what other hardware/devices do you have hooked up in your system?

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oops - user error, The SB EAX feature was set at something like underwater snowshoes. Once I disabled it everything seems fine.

EAX seems pretty useless though - every effect I tried ended up with distorted sound, althoug I suppose that could be from the speakers Im currently using.

Now I can't wait for those 4.1a

fwiw, graphic card is the Matrox dual monitor and on-board sound is disabled.

Thanks Paragon!

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Whenever I apply an EAX effect it ranges from a lot of static to distorted (badly - no effect, just garbled sound) audio.

Hmmm, that sure don't sound good.

Do you mean when you apply "concert hall, padded room, auditorium, etc.' settings?

If so, that sounds like a s/c driver prob. more than a promedia prob.

Especially if everything sounds ok if you don't add effects.

Maybee directx? or creative file conflicts?

I've NEVER installed a new component without having a SURPRISE when rebooting.


You got to spend hours sometimes days to finally figure out the prob. or find the fix or patch.

Just once i'd like to see a pc device just do it's job and not add all kinds of new revolutionary soft. that takes care of everything for you and and re-route file associations and so on.



Sorry, i'm rambling on and not beign much help but it just makes me SO MAD!!!!

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I'm waiting for the 4.1's too. I have a SB Live! Value 4.1 card going through an old set of Altec Lansings with sub up front (came with my Dell XPS H266) and a pair of Yamaha YST-M15's in the rear. This is in the living room and it sounds great. I can't wait to hear what the 4.1 Klipschs sound like.

If I get a 5.1 sound card can I get an additional center channel speaker and add that to the Klipschs?

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This type of S*$& drives me crazy too. I figure that some day - probably not too long from now - I'll go over the edge from one of these experiences and totally lose it.

I agree that it sounds like some sort of software/driver conflict with the EAX drivers. I'll go to the Soundblaster web site to see if I can dig up any support.

In the meantime, any tips on how to go about this or what exactly what to replace?

Thanks again...


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In the meantime, any tips on how to go about this or what exactly what to replace?

Cambridge Soundworks el cheapo 2.1s biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

I'd wait till you get the pro's to see if your audio is bad.

Does it sound ok without any effects? Maybee your Cambridge spkrs. can't handle the load.

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