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seen any good websites lately?


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My favorite part about reading replies is when people put a website link down for reference. I don't get too much time to play on the computer and when i do I'm only looking at home thater stuff anyway. But I don't get time to just surf and find other interesting things. Thought it would be great if people could post other websites they have found interesting home theater related, in one spot (here) then we could all see them without searching through garbage and wasteing our precious time. Doesn't matter what it is: places that give reviews, places that sell, personal sites, auctions, etc.. Hope ya can help out.

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Under the topic of not reinventing the wheel...

Two places that you can look to that provide a large list of links to audio related sites are Stereophile and The Absolute Sound.

Check out Stereophiles link pages at:


check out the TAS links at:




Music is art

Audio is engineering

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Those are a few good ones to look around at and also to find stuff for sale.


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Klipsch Quartets - mains for both systems

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