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Interesting Press Release From Klipsch


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I agree. Klipsch is unique. This just goes to show Klipsch is continually keeping their promise of quality sound. I think with a little more advertising and the continuing word of mouth advertising from us, Klipsch's loyal customers, we shall blow away Bose is sales. People will ask what is Bose? Everyone will answer, they are just over priced crappy speakers sold at low-end retailers. Maybe Bose will start charging what their crap is really worth and stop confusing consumers with their lies!! LONG LIVE KLISPCH!!!


In fact, once you hear the difference our proprietary an patented technologies make, we think youll understand why Bose is the most respected name in sound. The proof of our quality is in all the placed youll find us.

The Bose drive to excellence begins with knowing our customers and their needs. We are constantly challenging ourselves to our audio systems and the ways in which we design, manufacture and test them.



Sony Trinitron 27" TV

Yamaha RX-V1000

JVC HR-S3800 Super VHS VCR

Sony DVP-S530D DVD Player

Sony Tape

Sony CDP-CE345 Cd player

RF-3 Main

Monster m1.4 Biwire Cables

RC-3 Center

SS-1 Rear

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