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Beginer's Subwoofer Connection Question


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I know this has been covered before on this board, but I just did a search under "subwoofer connection" among others, and couldn't find it ... so if you can all stand talking about this just ONE more time ...

I've got the KSW 12 with the RB-5 bookshelves. I use my system for both music and DD 5.1 home theater.

Currently, I have the RB-5's wired through the KSW 12, so it can pick up the lower bass ... but what about the LFE channel?

My lower end Yamaha reciever has an RCA out for the LFE ... I've heard some say I should use a Y splitter to connect it to the KSW, but should I use the LFE connection when I already have the RB-5's wired through the woofer? I've tried that in the past and it seemed to have a negative effect strictly where music was concerned ...

I have a feeling there is no one correct answer to this, like with a lot of audio questions, so how about some suggestions? Any variations you think might be worth a try?

Thanks in advance to anyone who wishes to respond ...

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Connect the LFE out to the Sub. LFE is not the same as low bass in the main channels. My Pre/Pro can send the LFE signal to the mains if I want it to, but I'm not sure all receivers can. To get the best "impact" from DVDs you need that LFE connection.


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You'll probably also need to tell your receiver that you have a sub connected to it. When you wire it only via the speaker level (like you have now), you set the fronts to large and say sub "no." That usually causes the receiver to route the LFE to the front speakers, which (in your case) gets the LFE to the sub.


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i have found i get best results when hooking up the sub to the sub out on my receiver and setting all but the mains at small.

it doesn't make a noticeable difference whether i use the sub's xover or the receiver's bass management WITH MOVIES. with music i get more bass if i use the receiver's bass management; for classical or other finer types of music, i use the sub's xover using the speaker outs, for anything with lots of bass such as heavy rock or rap, techno, etc., I use the receiver's bass management.

hook it up both ways, do some comparisons, make your own decisions.


'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

"Pump up the treble!"

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So hold on a minute.Dougdrake is correct in that I currently have my Yamaha subwoofer setting at "MAIN" which in my case means none. My reciever is routing the LFE channel and other signals below 90 hz, according to the manual, to my main speakers.

But because I have them wired through the subwoofer, it is actually getting those signals, correct? So with my current setup, there is no point of hooking the LFE out on my reciever to the woofer, right?

Should I just wire my mains directly, and set the LFE channel on my Yamaha to send LFE and other low signals to the woofer?

Please advise! My head hurts just trying to figure this out ... I used to think once I got my Klipsch set up, I was going to be able to relax ...

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bel, it depends how your yammy handles bass management. if it has an lfe control that sends just LFE (but not low bass) to the "lfe" out, then u could hook the sub out line level to both line ins of the ksw. but if it sends both LFE and low bass to it w/ all settings then u could just as well take off the speaker level connections to the sub & just run 'em straight to your fronts.

iow, if the Main setting is for both low bass & LFE going to your fronts (same as a sub:no setting) then your're fine w/ the speaker level connections thru your sub to your rb fronts. but i've found the LFE and low bass from the sub is better w/ that line connection & the appropriate settings on the receiver (& sub). your course your mileage may vary.

maybe try it line and speaker level & experiment. but i wouldn't connect it both ways at once unless the yam will send ONLY LFE to the LFE out. if it has both a line sub out jack & an LFE out jack then it probably will. just make sure the yam setting sends only LFE to the jack your connecting to the ksw line ins.

sometimes a jack that sends both lfe AND LOW BASS is misnomered as "LFE". cwm35.gif

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as i stated before, i get more bass to my sub when i wire it with the receiver's line out than if i send the same signal to the mains through the sub with speaker-level connections.

but that might just be my personal case.

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Here, straight from my manual, are the choices I'm offered as far as woofer settings go.


Select this position if your system includes a subwoofer. In this position, signals on the LFE channel and other low bass signals that are distributed from other channels are directed to the SUBWOOFER OUTPUT terminal when playing a source encoded with Dolby Digital or DTS."


"Select this position if your system does not include a subwoofer. In this position, besides full range signals on the main channels, signals on the LFE channel and other low bass signals (below 90hz) that are distributed from other channels are directed to the right and left main speakers.


Select this setting if your system includes a subwoofer. In this position, signals on the LFE channel are directed to the SUBWOOFER OUTPUT terminal. Low bass signals on the main channels are directed to both the main speakers and the SUBWOOFER OUTPUT terminal.

NOTE: When playing a two-channel source (CD, videocassete, etc) select the BOTH position to direct low bass signals (below 90 Hz) to the SUBWOOFER OUTPUT terminals."

So there you have it. The way I read this, it looks like I could quit running my mains through the woofer if I then select "BOTH" for subwoofer output ... but it looks like then it might be sending those "below 90 Hz" signals to both the woofer AND my mains? That doesn't sound like a good idea to me ... Unless I'm reading that wrong ...

Which of those settings do you think sounds like the best option? Or would you keep it set to MAIN, as I have now, with the mains wired through the woofer?

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just to point out, the main setting is the same as "sub:no", the Both set is the same as "fronts:large" and the SW set is the same as "fronts:small".

experiment away but i just wouldn't hook up both line level and speaker level thru the sub. it's an either/or.


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rock on!

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