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My system agian

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Wow, awesome, cool!! Man, that is great. If I am seeing it correctly, you seem to have false corners for the KHorns that are out a bit from the rear wall, and then the TV and stereo rack are recessed a bit so that they are even with the front of the KHorns? Am I seeing it right? I love the Heresy sitting ontop of the TV. O.K., I'm still happy with my Legend system . . . really I am . . . I AM, O.K.? biggrin.gif

John, thanks for posting that for Steve and the rest of us to drool over!


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John,thanks,I'll figure it out one of these days.

Tony and Josh,thanks.The false walls are 32"out and everything is flush.If either of you want to see it I have a slide show that's easy to e-mail.The wife and I are real happy with it.I have plans on adding some Bryston power later.About 89'I started messing with HT and this is my best work.


My Home Theater:77'Klipschorn L&R,75'Heresy C,KSP-S6 at sides,2 IW-150s rear.

Denon AVR-2800 DD dts,DIY EX using Denon AVR-2000 Pro Logic,fed from 2800's rear spk outs w/line-level converter.All speakers set to"large",center to "small".

2 DIY 12"subs in each corner(behind the Horns false walls) w/200 per ch.feed,1 15" passive sub running thru the surrounds.Sony DVP-C650D.

Music in "Direct"only!

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