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Need to Downsize

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Help! Need to downsize in central Virginia - need to trade my nice walnut mid 80's khorns for nice Cornwalls or Chorus plus cash difference. Or trade my walnut mid 80's Belles for same - however, Belles will need some finish work, as they had (God forbid) potted plants on them in a solar home. They can be brought back with a little TLC & veneer work. Cash difference based on going rate of each speaker. This needs to be a drive to pick up arrangement. Thanks, Paul

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Maybe someday ill get something like this for the Denver area, thatll give me a way to get Khorns!!!!

I have no room for Khorns and cornwalls, so id have to swap 2 pair for 1 pair of Khorns!!!

Man i think about this seriosly, ive never heard the khorn, and id miss my cornwalls, so i might not do it!!

Next year ill just buy a pair of khorns and move these the the bedroom!!

Regards Jim

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