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Incubus Concert

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Holy Shiat! I just got back from an Incubus concert. I was front row in General Admission. There were 12 18 inch woofers directly in front of me. My hair blew back everytime the bass drum was hit. No lie. It owned. Although, now, I have a permenant ringing in my ears, it was worth it. Being 5 feet away from Incbus was awesome. Although, it probably cut about 20 years off my hearing lol. It was so cool...iv'e never felt so much bass in my life. 1.gif

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"Although, now, I have a permenant ringing in my ears, it was worth it."

No, it's not worth it.

Next time, take some cotton balls or earplugs with you. You won't miss the music, these will simply cut the volume to a tolerable level - the plugs will simply serve to cut back the thrashing your eardrums just took.

Ask some on this forum who have tinnitus. It's not fun, and not good if you want to hear the full capability of your Klipsch. Once you start ear damage, you can never repair that damage - so protect your ears.

As a veteran of over 400 concerts, I speak from experience, although (thank goodness) not from the experience of tinnitus.

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glad you had a blast at the concert but you gotta use some plugs! when music is that loud, you will still be able to feel and hear it just fine.

i was a u.s. army tanker and have seen a lot of the "old-timers" that didn't believe in using plugs who now can't hear worth a poop.

i think of it this way, i can either enjoy super loud music now and not be able to hear it as clearly later...


i can use some precautions and enjoy music the rest of my life.

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thinking about how loud that concert must have been only a few feet from the drivers makes me cringe....the only thing i could compare it to was went i went to a nascar race in bristol tn, track is like a bowl, and i had no plugs. it wasn't too bad until the green flag drops...there is loud and then there is so loud it makes a totally different kind of noise...weird, you have to experience it to know what i am talking about.

luckily, we weren't planning on staying but for a few laps as we were with a company that was inside the gates and we got to stay for free if we desired.

so much for my life as a nascar groupie.15.gif

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