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KG 5.5's (Oak) in My Local Paper $400


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Anyone looking for some KG 5.5's in Oak there are some in my local paper (Burlington, VT) the ad does not state condition but I can get the information or telephone number for anyone that may be interested. Keep on Klipsching! cwm1.gif


Sony KP-43T70 43" Television

Denon AVR 3300 A/V Receiver (LF/RF) (LWE-I's w/Motion Feedback - Walnut)

Yamaha M-80 Auto Class A Amplifier (LF/RF) (Belle's - Oak Clear/Cane Grills)

DBX BX-2 2/3/4 Channel Power Amplifier (RR/ARR/LR/ALR) (Heresy II's (Walnut/Cane) & ESS Mini Monitors (Walnut))

DBX MPA-150 Mono Split Spectrum Amplifier © (KV-4 - Black)

Klipsch KSW-15 Powered Subwoofer (2)

Nakamichi DVD-10 DVD/LCD/CD Player

Nakamichi MB-10 Music Bank CD Changer

Technics SL-DL5 DDLinear Tracking Turntable

JVC HR-S7500U SVHS Video Cassette Recorder

VC3 Deluxe Video Clarifier

DBX 400XG Program Route Selector

DBX 120X-DS Subharmonic Synthesizer/Crossover

DBX 3BX-DS 3-Band Dynamic Range Controller (2) (1-LC) (1-RC)

DBX 14/10 14-Band Computerized Equalizer/RTA Analyzer/SPL Meter

Panamax 1000+ Surge Protector/Line Conditioner

Sega Dreamcast w/3 Controllers & VMU's/S-Video Output


Yamaha RX-900U Receiver

Panasonic DVD-A120U DVD/CD Player

Sony SLV-740HF Hi-Fi VCR

BBE - ARS Audio Recovery System

A/D/S L300E Mini Speakers

GE 20" Television

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The saga continues....

I called the dealership and spoke to yet another salesman. I explained my dilemma and all the posts from this web site. He basically told me that the ETA on my order comes directly from the manufacturer and is not made up. It does make sense, because I know for a fact that my order never had an ETA on it and now it does...?

In any case, the dealer insisted that the ETA comes directly from the manufacturer and not simply made up. Ill let you all know what happens... I may just get the speakers on Sept 7 or I may jest get a headache...?



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