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KG 3.5's


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Just picked up a pair of new in the box, KG 3.5's at my local authorized Klipsch dealer. The dealer just got them in. Since these speakers were discontinued in 1997 where are the dealers getting them? They were in factory sealed boxes. They will be replacing my SF 1's.My wife is on her way getting now a second pair of 3.5's. The 3.5's sound much better then the SF 1's and seem to be a better match with my KSW 12's.


Technics SA-1040DX

Klipsch SF1 Fronts

Klipsch KSW12 Sub. (2)

Klipsch SC1 Center

Klipsch SF1 Rears

Panasonic RV31 DVD

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Don't know which dealor you are using, but, my local dealor (Sound Advice) tells me that they special order discountinued models in large quantities and them use them as promotional "get em in to the store" items.

I have to admit it works...got me into a set of KSF 8.5's & opened my eyes to another...Oh oh I digress!

It seems that Klipsch is not beyond going back into production on discontinued models if they can sell enough of them. Heck, there are in the business to make money. Just wish Sound Advice would order a bunch of cornwalls and have them as "buy 1 get 1 free". cwm19.gifcwm35.gifcwm35.gif

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