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Article: Eight Cardinal Points by PWK


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Dang. The BBS wasn't allowing file uploads last weekend and I could not give you folks anything for weekend reading.

But now that service is back. I wonder if it still fails to keep an upload on the first page of a thread.

Just below is an article by PWK, "Eight Cardinal Points in Loudspeakers for Sound Reproduction." That may be double entendre.



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Probably what Tony is referring to is my description of the demo at the visit to Hope some three years ago where we heard a "Jubilee" set up versus a K-Horn set up.

The "Jubilee" looked to me like two Jubilee bass bins with a nice facade. The high end were fiberglass horn of undetermined origin with B&C drivers. X-over . . . we don't know. A Belle was the center.

The K-Horns were at the back of the room. It was a theater setting with seats for 40? It was big.

There was an A-B. To my ear, the Jubilee bass was better. That is what the article reports too.

The K-Horn treble was better (clean, higher). I suspect that the fiberglass horns were not optimized to perfection. Again, we were not listening to the wooden horn(s) which appears in the photo of the Jubilee with PWK.

Naturally, others who were there should add their recall.


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