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WTB Forte IIs


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I may be selling my set of Mint Condition Forte II in Dark Walnut. I'm located in Chicago area and you can use Forward Air for Shipping. I just bought a set of Cornwall I and had them shipped from Fort Worth, Tx to Chicago for $77 dollars using Forward Air.


email me if interested


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Thanks for posts/info.

FYI... I bought a pair on e-bay... good buy it now price... just waiting for shipment/delivery.

These will complete my 5.1 system with Chorus II mains and a Quartet center. I have an old JBL sub-woofer but not sure I will use it. Primary listening is music (CDs and SACDs) and concert DVDs... considering the low frequency response of the Chorus II and Forte II I'm not sure a subwoofer would add much for this kind of listening.

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When my Forte IIs show up, I will have an extra Quartet for sale. I bought a pair with the intention of eventually selling one. (Finish is dark oak.)

I bought a bucking magnet from parts express and glued it to the back of a Quartet woofer to shield it. Also removed the base to make the Quartet shorter... it fits quite nicely inside a TV cart piece of my entertainment system... with ample clearance in back of and on both sides of the speaker. I'm presently building a grill cover to fill the face of this compartment and completely hide the quartet.

I had trouble justifying the cost of an Academy and a couple members of this forum suggested a Quartet because the mid and tweeter match the Chorus II and Forte II... it also has a larger woofer than an Academy. It does provide a nice seemless front sound stage with the Chorus IIs. I've never heard an Academy so I don't know how it would compare but, I'm quite happy with the Quartet center.

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I have not heard a Quartet since 1996 when I auditioned them along with Forte II's and Chorus II's at that time. like I stated before, bought a pair of Forte II's.

currently using a KLF-C7 for center. Its a large center and can hold its own.

it does not match sonically (timbre) to the Forte II's but its close.

if you can post you asking price on the Quartet, that would give me something to think about.

my center speaker is sitting right in front of my Mits RPTV, so shielding if very important.

do you have an extra bucking magnet or can you tell me what you ordered so I could do the same.

thanks for your reply and information

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I used a 12.5 oz magnet ($1.25 at www.partsexpress.com)... I think you could easily step up a couple levels to 19 oz. if you need/want to. Maxi-cure super glue gel was $6.25.

I paid $550 for the pair of Quartets (off Audiogone) plus shipping/insurance from Phoenix. I'd like to get $275 for the one speaker, plus shipping/insurance to your location. Previous owner packed them well and I saved all material for re-use.

I can take pictures and send this weekend if interested. (Send an email address via private message.) The speaker is in excellent condition... only flaw I can find are a couple superficial scratches on top of the cabinet, near the rear. Both Quartet's are presently serving as surrounds... sound is excellent.

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The quartet should make an excellent center, especially when it is shielded, for those with the space for it. It shares the same tweeter as the academy (different than the forte II or the chorus II) and the same midrange as the forte and chorus II. Plus, it has a lower bass range than the academy. Ideally, i would match all five speakers the same, given space and center shielding or enough space between the center and the screen to avoid interference. For now, the academy is my best solution. At 275, the quartet as a center is a knockout bargain.

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