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Blown K77 on La Scala. Now what.


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How can I figure out the status of my individual components in my New Scalas ?

The resistance measures on the tweeters are not around 12 ohms as I should expect. Otherwise the system sound awesome.

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Crossover failures are rare.

However, I can't tell what you are measuring from your description. Disconnect the tweeter wires from the crossover and measure the resistance across each wire. A good tweeter will read about 6 ohms and you will hear a tinny scratching from the tweeter while touching the meter leads to the tweeter leads. High resistance and no scratching means a blown tweeter. Take it to a GOOD pro audio shop and have them install E-V T-35 diaphragms at $21 each plus labor (the K-77 IS a T-35).


(w/ 4 La Scalas in my HT)

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Both the above are good advice I'd agree with wholeheartedly.

BTW, you'll find the unit comes apart when you back out the four screws.

You should not do this yourself unless you have soldering skills. You should mark the orientation of all parts with a dot of nail polish and keep notes on placement of spacers, etc.


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