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anyone try the new Outlaw 950?


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www.outlawaudio.com I am auditioning one right now through Klipsch Heresys and am happy with the sound...(outlaw 7100 7 X 100w all channels driven) There is a Forum there and you will get all the answers you need on it...lotsa Klipsch fans there too. (outlaws hideout/outlaw saloon)



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I recently aquired a 950,

to upgrade the adcom i owned for about 3 yrs this was mainly for for ht. so far it's performing very well, and since i am still getting use to this unit final verdict still pending,what i can say is it's not an eye catcher but for 700 i'm not complaining.

Sound quality is pretty good, natural in presentation and have the basic features i think i need.

Definately an upgrade for me, understand a new offering is in the near future which depending on price might be an option. i did experience some abmormality

which a fourm member resolved for me.1.gif so far it's a keeper


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I thought the 950 was a little bright with my Forte IIs for my taste... you may think otherwise. Rather then skew the debate with my personal decision though, I would suggest you audition a couple other units of the same circa and $$ range. HT preprocessors are far more prone to (perceived?) "obsolesce" than most components, but therefore should provide you with several very good values on the used market ... as long as you don't need the latest and greatest.

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I tried a 950 and sent it back before the 30 days were up.

I was using a Yamaha RX-V3000 as a pre with McIntosh amps. The Yamaha had a more bass output and a warmer top end. The 950 has a better center channel sound and makes better use of the surrounds.

I would recommend the 950 to anyone who doesn't want to spend two or three grand more to beat the sound quality of the 950.

On the other hand Outlaw is replacing the the 950 with a new model, maybe you should wait.

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I got my 950 7 months ago and still love the unit. True it doesn't have all of the latest and "greatest" processing modes, but for me it lacks nothing. I've got it mated to a Parasound HCA-855a and have NO bass problems. I feel that bass response is directly tied to the amp. The better the amp in terms of current and damping factor the better the bass. Just my opinion on that. My mains are RF-35's, center RCX-4, surrounds Quintets and KSW-10 for a sub. I will upgrade the surrounds and sub when money become available. But, back to the 950 I wouldn't trade in for anything.

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