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heresy and rf 35s anythoughts


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Good Day,

I happen to own both the rf-35 and the heresy 11's. They are both completely different for me. I love the sound of the heresy's with my tube amp, nothing beats heritage sound with tubes. The rf-35's are hooked up with my Onkyo ss receiver and they sound very good. The rf's have much more bass and sound pretty good with any kind of music. It all comes down to personal preference and what type of music you listen to.

What happened was I bought the tube amp to go with my heresy's for a dedicated two channel room. I needed to replace soeakers for my wifes system and I bought the rf's. I would do some major auditioning with your music and hopefully with an amp similar to what you be using at home.

Good Luck


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easy 1...HerseyII's would floor the RF35...easy decision...10.gif

Khorns, LaScala's, Hersey II's, KLF-C7, Velodyne FSR-18, and pro-media 2.1(killer cp system imo)... 10.gif

and I agree with Delano as well, if you seperate your system, Reference is great in music and HT, but Heritage is in a league of it's own, killer 2 channel...and multi...10.gif

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