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Things to know about the LaScala?


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I own Scalas for nine months now...and I live in Belgium! (hello, neighbour!)

BUT that's not all; I payed 12000Fb for them (around 300 Euros or 250 US$ I think)!!! They're very old, very ugly (painted in pale grey, with plastic corner protections: previous owner used to go "dee-jaying" with them) but it was the only way for me, a 23 years-old student, to buy Scalas so I didn't care about the looks!! I consider myself very lucky!!!

What's said in the other posts about respective qualities and defaults of these speakers is absolutely true, tough:

My old-model metal mid-horns ring A LOT; with some music it's very annoying. This is not as subtle as some guys here seem to say...and I'm on my way to dynamat them.

The rear-mounted tweeter definitely needs to be flush-mounted; side-by side auditioning shows that a great part of the harshness is due to the rear-mounted tweeter. Flush-mounting them might also help imaging.

Again, I don't find it is a "subtle" improvement!

There's definitely a lack of low bass frequencies if you like your music to "enlarge" the room and shake the walls. I didn't have the cash yet but a good sub is calling for!!

My old AA x-overs are certainly not good enough. I think a pair of AlK x-overs, or at least some AL3 with K55M drivers, would be nice...

Expect yourself to spend endless ours to find the pefect amp and CD... If you once thougt that "all amps and cd sound the same" (wich wasn't my case), you won't believe your ears! same goes for the cables! but that's what the fun is all about, of course...exept if, like me, you first buyed the wrong amp. it might cost a lot of money....

Don't even think about listening to "background music" with Scalas...At very low levels, they don't have any bass at ALL, and sound is "dying in the speakers"...mostly due to their high sensitivity, making the amp deliver in it's "wrong" power range at very low levels. The same applies with most +100dB speakers.

All that said, they are GRRRREAT speakers, and I LOVE them. They're just not the ideal "fit-and-forget" speakers. You must be passioned to own such difficult beasts...Considering all your replies and answers, i'm sure you are! ;-)

So GO ON, help me tell all europeans they should buy klipsch!! BUY A PAIR OF SCALAS! :-))

Warm regards,


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