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Things to know about the LaScala?


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Q-Man - You didn't ask me, but since I also have a pair of KG4, I'll just tell you that I think they are terrific. They aren't so big your Mom will have to rearrange her entire house, yet they are big enough to have full, rich sound. They can get down deep in the bass thanks to the passive radiator on the back, and they handle mids and highs well, also. I think she would be lucky to have a son like you to buy them for her.


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Thanks,it sounds like they are just about perfect for this situation. If I were to bring anything too large into their home my father would have a fit. He barrows my sound level meter to bring to his officers club,so he can show the manager that the music is too loud.

My mother on the other hand likes to crank it up,but see has to wait untill my father is out of the room.




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I agree with dougdrake (both original version and non-nolife dougdrake rev 2 Biggrin.gif ) that the KG4 are very, very good speakers. They are dynamic, have a bass that extends fairly deep for their size without becoming boomy, and don't any have major tonal abberations.

One of the things that I find they do well, which might be an added benefit to your folks, is that they remain very alive-sounding even at low volume levels. A lot of speakers, when you turn them down below a certain level, they sound to sound very compressed - no dymanic range, not a lot of snap or sparkle to the sound. The KG4 do not suffer from this. They can take a LOT of power and just keep getting louder, up to a point (they're not La Scalas, of course, but they're better than a lot of other KG4-sized speakers in this regard), but when you do turn them down, they still sound like live music. Quiet live music, but live music. Think your Dad might like them quite a bit.



Music is art

Audio is engineering

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I knew that I shouldn't have said that. I'm talking about a level where the volume can't interfear with the level of your normal speaking voice. Back ground mucic which you have to strain to hear. This is how my system is played when my father visits. When I had enought of this, I turn it up to what I concider to be an accetable low volume where I feel the music comes alive. Then my father will decide to go home. This is still at a level that you can cary on a conversation, but might not hear what the person said 20 feet across the room.( Which is unaceptable to my father.)

Me, I think that you should only hear the music.

If you want to come to my house to listen to music or a movie don't expect to carry on a conversation with me. I hate that. Shut up, sit back & relax & enjoy.




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Well said! I find myself listening to music around the 90-100db area. When I listen to music, I want to hear everything. My girlfriend and my sister just can't understand this. BTW, when I feel it's getting a bit too loud, I just whip out my handy Rat Shack SPL meter to keep things in check. Smile.gif



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If you want to come to my house to listen to music or a movie don't expect to carry on a conversation with me. I hate that. Shut up, sit back & relax & enjoy.


Hahahaha..i know what u mean Smile.gif

I have the same problem..

When i sit back and going to listen to some music i turn the level up to a 90/100 decibel also..

My girlfriend just cant understand why it has to be so loud..

She thinks i am def ore something like that..

So normally she goes upstairs and do some things on the pc so i can listen to my own music at my own level..

But now i understand what u mean with detail of the K-horn.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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A few days ago i had finally my LaScala test Smile.gif

It was hard to wait for so long and i was really counting the day's..

But then finally it happends...the big day for me.

I entered the room with al those klipsch speakers and i saw for the first time the Klipschhorn..

Damn..they are really big...ppfff...

Anyway..i sit back and let the dealer do all the work..

He wired some amplifiers to the LaScala and there where the first grade note's..

The first thing i noticed was the detailed bass...

Ubelivable..so detailed..so easy..

Totally differend then the RF-3...

But just like Lone Palm said :


they were in your face LOUD!!!

I had that same problem..

It gave me some disco-speakers feeling for first impression..

But we kept on listening and the longer i listened the more i liked that sound..

It was very lifelike..very detailed..

No way u could ignore the music when u listen to such speakers..

Reading a book while those speakers are playing is unposible..

We started the test at 20.00..we stopped at 24.00..

At the end i was really impressed..

Only the bad news was that the dealer cant order them now =(

Next year they will be available (perhaps)..

But they will also be 150% more expensive..

So i told him that will be to much for me..

After a quick talk he agreed to sell me his demo set..

Now i am waiting for a call when he tells me when we can continue the deal (he wants to know first from Klipsch when the LaScala will be available)..

So here i am..waiting..waiting..waiting...waiting.

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Concider yourself lucky that you have a dealer there where you can demo them,and for four hours.That's hard to do here in the states. Did you listen to the Klipschorns while you were at it?

I listened to my first Klipschorns when I was 12 years old. I was lucky, my next door neighbors father had a pair. I sure did like to go over to his house to play.

As I think your finding out, they are one speaker that leaves a lasting impression on you. I had to wait untill I was about 20 yrs. old before I got my first pair of LaScalas. Then in my 40's before I got my first pair of K-horns.

With all the tweaking we do on this board, I thing we tend to forget just how great they sound right from Klipsch. We need to step back once in a while and remember our own first impressions. I don't think that any of us could sleep at night dreaming of the day that we would own a pair.

I now have 3 pairs each of LaScalas & Klipschorns and sometime I take them for granted.

Thanks for letting me see this again through your eyes,or should I say hearing it through your ears.

May Heritage live on.

Hope that you get them soon.




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Concider yourself lucky that you have a dealer there where you can demo them,and for four hours.That's hard to do here in the states. Did you listen to the Klipschorns while you were at it?

Why is it so hard to test a speaker serious in the states?

When u spend so much money i think they can give u at least some help and time..

Anyway..unfortunally i didnt heard the Klipschhorn..

I wanted to focus on the LaScala only..

If the deal continues i shall meet him one more time to hear if the LaScala match with my cd-player and amplifier..

For now on i dont have a super equipment..

First i want to buy the dream speakers..and then i go search for the best match for a new amplifier..

But for so long i have to listen to my "old" pioneer dolby digital..

Nice amplifier,but i wonder if it is good enough for such speaker..

So thats why i go see him one more time..

And i hope to hear the KH then Smile.gif


Thanks for letting me see this again through your eyes,or should I say hearing it through your ears.

Well..it is very funny to hear such thing..

But i am wondering what i said what pleased u so much.

Am i missing something??

I have 1 question for all KH and LaScala owners.

Is there anyboddy who feel sorry for buying such speaker??

I am asking this because when i heard the LaScala playing i really had to get used to it..

At the end of the night i had a good feeling of it..

But i am a bit afraid that when they are in my home the sound will frustrate me after a while..

Because i had such thing also with a amplier (NAD S300)..

In the beginning i liked the sound,but after listening to it a few days i started to dislike the sound..

The high sound was way to sharp/harsh and sounded unrealistic..

I am a bit scared that this will also happen with the LaScala becuase the sound of the LaScala is so "right in youre face".

So are there Klipsch lovers who have such thing with the LaScala??

Regrets for buying them?

Greetings M.H

This message has been edited by M.H on 09-20-2001 at 02:43 PM

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I have found the opposit to be true. The longer I have my La Scalas, the less I enjoy listening to other speakers.

At first, there were some colorations that bothered me a bit. If you listen to a good recording of someone singing (something like "Don't Give Up" from the Peter Gabriel "So" album) on, say, Thiel CS 3.6 speakers, then listen to that same cut on the La Scalas, the first impression (mine, at least...) is that the La Scalas don't sound as "right" as the Thiels. Gabriel's voice just sounded more like, uh, his voice ( Rolleyes.gif ) - less colorations. But I had a pair of Thiels for awhile (3.5, granted, not the 3.6) and what drove me NUTS after awhile was the lack of dynamic realism. Yeah, the tonal structure was right on, and the imaging was superb, and all, but it just didn't get me up and bopping the way live music did. I found I was continuously turning them up louder and louder in an effort to get some sort of livelyness out of them that they just couldn't provide. I had the same experience with B&W 801F speakers - sounded really, really good but left me unmoved. The La Scalas may have some colorations that other speakers don't, and they don't image as well, and for their size their bass response is going to be surprisingly limited if you're not prepared for that, but when all is said and done they get me up out of my chair and dancing with my wife like no other speakers ever have. Now that I've had them for awhile, when I go listen to other systems (dealers, friends) I find myself thinking "yeah, that sure does sound nice, but Man! would it drive me nuts if that was all I had to listen to music on."

I guess I'm saying I'd rather listen to a slightly out of tune Eric Clapton singing and playing his guitar live in my room than a perfectly reproduced, accurate, dead recording.



Music is art

Audio is engineering

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O.K., Let me try to explain this again. The first time I heard Klipschorns and LaScalas it was like really hearing reproduced music the way it was ment to be heard.Kind of like taking cotton out of your ears and hearing clearly for the first time.For me they were speakers to die for , and they still are.

What I mean by taking them for granted doesn't mean that I enjoy or appreciate other speakers as much or more. Think of a rich man who has everything that he wants.Do you really think that he appreciates what he has? If there was another speaker that I liked more, I would have it.You don't see me offering Any of my LaScalas or K-horns to any of you, do you?

I sometimes think that the viewers on this B.B. that don't have LaScalas or K-horns get the idea that they don't sound good unless they are tweaked. That's just our obsession. I want people to understand that they sound great without Al's network, without dampening the mid-range horn, with the V or M driver, without re-wiring them, etc.,etc. . Did we all forget that we fell in love with themjust the way that they came from the factory? I know that I won't stop tweaking and I know you won't stop tweaking eather, It's in our blood. I enjoy listening to them all every time I hit the power switch. I still get goose-bumps, but is that because of the minor mods performed to them? I don't think so!

M.H. Just made me think of my first experiences,and impressions. It was better then sex.Then again, maybe I'm not doing that right eather. Just like I'm not explaining myself very well. I'm a man of few words,and trying to explain my feelings isn't easy for me.I spend most of my time readingand learning from the rest of you.


P.S Let me clear up one more thing, while I'm at it. Some of you know that I built a pair of Jensen Imperial replicas. Now I'm building an old University design bass horn cabinet. Then I have plans to build some other Vintage bass horns. I'm just curious, and want to hear what some of these speakers sound like.

Maybe that's why some of you may have an idea that I'm not satisfied with the K-horn. Just remember the K-horns are still the heart and soal of my home theater system.



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I have both LaScalas (for 17 years) and RF-3s (<1 year) and I like both. RF-3s are a great substitute for LaScalas on a budget. The bass on the LaScalas is strong. I tested my RF-3s with my 30-year old Cornwall. Cornwalls have the same horns as the LaScalas. Yes, the RF-3s had a better sound than Cornwall from the horns, so your assumption about LaScala horns is probably correct. The bass was equal. Both RF-3s and Cornwalls have vented bass, and the LaScala is a folded horn, so, yes, the bass sounds different and hard for me to describe.

I keep getting advice to "buy a subwoofer," but I have no taste for Rap and I don't listen to DVD movies very loudly. A Perfect Circles' "Mer de Noms" CD shakes my whole body. I get plenty of bass from these with my media choices.

Stick with the RF-3s until you happen across a pair of used LaScalas. (Mine were 5 years old when I bought them. They were, and are, still perfect. I paid $950/pr. in 1984. I have upgraded to newer x-overs recently.

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Hi Pete..

Thx for youre help..

So if i get u right the RF-3's sound's cleaner?..

They have a more fresh sound?..

I have heard the differend between the RF and the LaScala with the bass..

I think the RF had some more bass buth the LaScala had much more detail in it.

And i really like that detail..

In fact...detail is all i want...

I whas also thinking of using a sub in the future (when i think there is to less bass in the LaScala).

Maybe a klipsch sub 12 inch?..something like that.

But that is for the future,no need to worry about that now.


Stick with the RF-3s until you happen across a pair of used LaScalas. (Mine were 5 years old when I bought them. They were, and are, still perfect. I paid $950/pr. in 1984. I have upgraded to newer x-overs recently.

Unfortunally this will always be a dream..

U see very seldom a used pair of LaScala's here in Holland..

Klipsch aint that well-know over here..

And the few people who have a LaScala will never sell them (those basterds Smile.gif )..

So if i want them i have to buy them in shop..

But maybe i am a bit lucky and can i sell those demo speakers..

Anyway..thx again for youre help



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