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tahts really messed up though

like ure loosing business and stuff

WEll i can tell you that i first got a logitech system (z-680s) because they said klipsch is bad.

but when i got the klipsch's they where cosiderably better the bass and the tweeters especially

if it wasnt false advertising (by others)i think klipdvh vould be making more $$$$

people are so stuburn....

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On 7/8/2005 12:47:54 PM lb19984 wrote:

i was just looking at apple.com

everyone is giving the ifi system a bad review and telling others not to buy it

People probably don't like spending $399 for just 2 speakers. They might expect a lot from it. To me when I was testing it out at the apple shop it sounds great.

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