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  1. Has anyone tried to repair or change the drivers on the Klipsch Promedia 2.0 ultra. The rubber surrounds on the drivers are starting to crack due to age. I've been looking at other driver replacements, but I couldn't find any speaker that has 6 ohms. The closest speaker replacement driver I could find was a Dayton Audio PC68 at 4ohms. Would like to know if the speaker is worth saving. So far it hasn't give me any problems. Other than the rubber surround issue.
  2. Ok so far all i got is an RC7 Klipsch and an RSW10 klipsch. I don't know too much about matching the speakers specs to the receiver. But which is a decent receiver, that sends clean power to the speakers. Right now im looking at the Onkyo TX-SR806 and the TX-NR906.
  3. Is this sub only for pro audio? Can you run this sub using an A/V reciever? Or is this sub only used for mixers and those other high tech equipment?
  4. Soo im trying to help my older bro build one home theater system, because he just got one new samsung 42" LCD TV. And we are having a hudge debate on MartinLogan, i think its the Purity Series Floor standing speakers vs Klipsch RF82 and RF7s. I'm disguested by the way he judges speakers just by the price of it and the style of Martin Logan. Soo we tested the Martin logan at Magnolia Hi-Fi, and in my opinion it lacks on the highs. It has a good mid range, but in my opinion it lacks bass also. Unfortunately we didn't get to test the RF82s because he said "quality is bad" and also said that Klipsch speakers sound too "harsh" means too much highs. We didn't even get to listen to it, because he assumes the quality by its PRICE. That really pisses me off. "How can you judge a book by its cover?" He said the Martin Logan has more of a natural sound compared to the klipsch. I also told him about the Klipsch how it uses the horn. I also currently have an RC7 and an RSW10, that im willing to give him because im moving up for college soo he can make good use of it. He told me the RC7 sounded harsh, and i told him because it is the receiver. Hey if im using an PANASONIC receiver on a klipsch rc7 and an rsw10 its not going to sound as great compared to other brands like denon, onkyo and pioneer. Plus on the panasonic, i can't tune it much to turn down the treble on the speakers or to adjust the crossover setting on the sub with out using the controls on the back of the rsw10. Later on i also mentioned that i got to hear a Full klipsch system at a shop and they had two rf7s, 1 rc7, 2 rs7s and 1 rsw12. And my personal opinion i told him, is that it sounded like a big theater. And i loved it. In my opinion the martin logans, just doesn't seem to have the potential like the klipsch. I also mentioned about other home theater systems for Example the consolidated theaters, dole theater and what ever we have in hawaii. He told me, those systems are junk also. im thinking to my self like ok...... Then i also mentioned a home theater systems is mostly used for watching movies. He wants to get two martin logan floor standing speakers and a sub, for stereo purposes only soo he can listen to music. i told him straight up, if you want to listen to music, you might as well go into car audio. Cause basically thats what your mostly doing. Coming to Conclusion, i told him maybe we all have a certain taste in sound.
  5. Has anyone tried this, adding two RSW10ds subs? im curious how it would sound. How would it compare with a single RSW-15 and single RSW-12.
  6. Is there any brand of computer sub? ex. isub and klipsc sws.
  7. I rather like things falling haha!
  8. At first my Klipsch RSW10 had a ticking sound coming from the front woofer. After a while, the ticking sound went away. It just needed some time to break in.
  9. They are very serious when it comes to spl. The Z series runs around $4000. Its not a daily driver, its ment for comp use. The New Z series can hit some high dB if you want to win. I have two Digital Designs 9512f and they are very loud subs. The new Digital Designs 9512G is another story. Heres a vid of Digital Designs at comp from Realmofexcursion http://realmofexcursion.com/videos/Competitions/southamerica.1.wmv . Another Beefy sub on t3audio's website. http://www.t3audio.com/core.mdv/TSNS.html
  10. Digital Designs 1508 if you want SPL, True Bass solutions, and Sound Splinter RL-i.
  11. Oh forgot to tell you guys/girls this. Kicker also had won a SQ comp using there Square subs. So... it is possible, but it depends on the enclousre. And TheEar, you should test the 06 XXX compared to the JL w7. Im curious in what you think of it.
  12. Digital Designs 99z series are way better then the holees lol. + it can handle more power! A single 18 can hit around 175 db, from what I heard.
  13. Thanks, my older bro would be very happy for those comments []. The quality of the picture is soo nice.
  14. Its funny though, I was supposed to get Klipsch speakers. My rw-12 was to be my only Klipsch sub. But I decided to get an RSW-10 lol. And now since my local dealer in hawaii is selling an RSW-12 for 799... im like hmm. It will be either that or the ps3. [] My friend wanted me to wait out for the ps3, instead of getting it at the beginning. So... that created some time to think about it lol.
  15. Thanks all, I will upgrade the speakers in the far future. I have no Klipsch speakers at all lol.
  16. I finally have a pic of my RSW-10. I was waiting for my bro the whole time to take some pics with his XTI Canon camera. 10.1 meg. Good quality sub, needs a good quality picture . Canon XTI Canon 4.1 meg
  17. What about Definitive tech SuperCube III. Its a 7 1/2" sub? Is it consider a sub since its under the 8in minimum.
  18. I only have panasonic speakers. But I love Bass and video games
  19. I have no clue which one is the best for me. I just got my RSW-10 5 months ago, and my local dealer is selling an RSW-12 brand new for 799, rsw-10d brand new for 799. Or I could get an Playstation 3. Space is a major problem in our house right now. And my parents are telling me that getting another sub is not smart, due to space. The RSW-10d is a nice small sub. But why pay the same price, when you can upgrade for a 12?right? My friends are getting there ps3s, and I wonder if I should get one also. I just got my new HP dual core system, so do you think the PS3 is worth it. Or should I just save money. I don't know how to work the poll... but my choices were 1. RSW-10d 2. RSW-12 3. PS3 .4 Don't buy subs or ps3
  20. Whats the difference between an RC-62 and the C-3? Been searching for a great Center Channel.
  21. I don't know if Mainland already has the PS3 in stock. For hawaii though it comes in at 11/17/06. Anyways, I went to the sony expo today, all I can say is PS3 For the WIN! Graphics is unreal plus they show the before and after pics of the blue ray. Also I think some of the video games are THX certified. Call of Duty 3, will be excellent for Surround sound on your system!
  22. In Hawaii lol still the same. My poinsettia didn't even have red leaves yet.
  23. In my opinion for $400 Brand new the RSW-10 is a great deal. Even though its not the RSW-10d, its still a great subwoofer. RSW10 has Excellent Sound Quality compared to my RW-12. Although the RW-12, Sub-12 and maybe the RW-10 is louder.
  24. Were all ok. Electricity was off for about 11hrs in our area. I know Big Island got hit with a 6.6. Honolulu Hawaii got hit with about 4-4.5.
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