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SACD Players


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Who makes SACD players? I've seen them from Sony, Philips and Marantz. Do any other brands make them?



AMD T-Bird 900

Asus A7V

Micron 256 MB PC-133

IBM 30 GB 7200 rpm ATA 100

Pioneer DVD-105 Slot-Load (16X/40X)

3Dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP

NEC MultiSync M700 17" (soon to be Sony G420S 19")

SB Live! X-Gamer 5.1 (soon to be Audigy Gamer)

Receiver: Kenwood VR-409 (soon to be Denon AVR-2802)

Speakers: Klipsch Quintets (5 sats + center)

Sub: Sony SA-W305 (soon to be Sunfire Junior or Paradigm PW-2200)

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The SONY SCD-1 and its one great SACD player.Sound quality is fantastic and built quality puts to shame inferior products.

The Pioneer DV-AX10 is also a superb machine.Compatible with all formats and built like a real tank.

Accuphase digital is even more High-End and will come with a price tag most cant stomach.

The Sony and the Pioneer are about 5 grand.

The Marantz is also a great unit,costs a bot more around 7 grand.

Cheaper SACD units can be found,the sound will remain great but the construction is paper like.I like my gear solid and with sound to match.

I am very satisfied with the Pioneer and Sony products

one day I will get a two piece Accuphase or Wadia front end. Smile.gif

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Apex, which has a questionable record, is coming out with their model 7701 DVD player, a universal player that does SACD AND DVD-Audio (as well as Karaoke, HDCD, MP3, you name it). And J&R is expecting them in any day at $299! Circuit City and Best Buy and a bunch of other stores all carry Apex. If this unit gets good reviews when it comes out, it may be a heck of a deal. I think they're a newer company, and I hope their quality problems of the past are behind them now (Past reviews have been very mixed). I'm going to give them a chance, after all, this is the unit all the other guys should have come up months and months ago, and it would have saved consumers a whole lot of grief in this stupid format war.

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